Your Digital
Resources in short
Your ENT
The ENT or Digital Working Environment (Environnement
Numérique de Travail) designates the access to digital services:
messaging, University Library, courses online …To access the ENT and
digital services, you need a username and a password: Dauphine
Activate your « Dauphine passport  »
With your student card (you will be asked for your student
number and your INE number):
Connect to the ENT ( and
click on
On the authentication page, click on « Activate your ENT account,
then on « Student registered at Dauphine with student card » and
follow the onscreen instructions.
During the procedure, you will be asked
for a valid and personal email address.
This address will never be used by the
university. However it will enable you to
retrieve your password if forgotten.
Your Username is the first four letters of your name followed by
the first two letters of your first name and the last two figures of
your first registration year at Dauphine.
You will also have an email address accessible from the ENT.
Please note: your username may be slightly different in case of
Access your messages
You can redirect your emails received on the ENT towards
a personal email address out of Dauphine:
Click on the tab My Account in the ENT menu.
In the command Settings & Configuration, click on
Parameter Redirection.
Select the option Local Address+ Transfers.
Enter your personal email address and your password.
In the window Parameters
modification email select  Local
Address and Transfers » and add
your redirection address.
Wi-Fi – The network « EduSpot »
Select the network « EduSpot »among the
Wi-Fi networks available.
Open your web browser and select an
internet address (Dauphine, Google…).
On the home page, select your University
(Dauphine for you) and you will be
redirected to the Dauphine passport page.
Please note: you may be disconnected automatically
after approximately 15 minutes.
Your courses onlineMyCourse
MyCourse is a platform of courses online. You will find class supports,
assignments, annals, communication skills (forums, wikis, blogs),
organization (calendar, announcements) assessment (assignment delivery,
examinations online).
Connecting MyCourse
MyCourse is accessible via your
 Dauphine Passport in the ENT
(tab MyCourse) or via
Registering for MyCourse courses
You are automatically registered for a certain number of courses;
for others, the Registration Courses, you need to register
Your teachers will indicate how to access their courses.
To register for a course, browse the course catalogue and click on Per
Course, then look for your diploma in the categories
Find your course and click on the chevron
the course code and then click on Register.
situated to the right of
The Essentials
Don’t forget to:
Fill in your user profile (right top).
Consult new features notified by an icon.
Check the configuration of your notifications (automatic emails
listing new features of your courses), in Parameters, then Modify
the Notification Parameters.
Free mobile application of MyCourse
« Blackboard Mobile Learn » 
Together with the easy access to your teaching material online on
MyCourse, this application will enable you to receive notifications in
«Push" format whenever something new appears in your course space.
Download the BlackBoard Mobile application Learn on
AppStore or on GooglePlay.
To connect, type Dauphine in the search field of the
Find all the support tools of MyCourse on the CIP website on:, as well as on
Training to become digitally-literate
In BA 1st
Year, the students can choose the option "C2i", Computer and I.T
certificate to acquire digital skills.
Information :
The University Library
All the students : 60 000 books
the major foreign
press articles
The Research Library (B.R.), devoted to teachers and students
of level M 2 or above: 15 000 books, more than 200 reviews and
research works freely accessible.
Using the Library
To enter the library, you need to show your student card. This card is also
used to take out books and for photocopies.
The Library is a work space where you can find the following
computers for your document research (in the computer-aided
reading rooms),
possibility of printing or photocopying,
rooms for group work sessions (allocated on reservation at the
reception desk area in the Study Library).
The Online Library: the university is subscribed to numerous
data bases which enable you to consult more than 30 000 digital
reviews or 16 000 electronic books. Most are accessible either
directly or remotely.
The Digital Portal of the Library: The Odyssey
The catalogue of the library is
freely accessible. From the ENT
(tab library) the Odyssey gives
you the contents of the
collections, in paper or
electronic form, as well as the
availability of works (already
lent out, not for loan …).
Helping the students in their
bibliographic research
Any student looking for a book can go to the information bureau at
the library where a librarian is on hand to help.
The Library is also partner of the Digital Reference Service Rue des
http: //
Any student can ask a librarian a question online about a research
subject. He will be given a bibliography and a quick presentation of the
relevant research methodology.
Useful information
Practical information: all the necessary information is available on the
Library website:
Contact: 01 44 05 42 98; by email at [email protected]
Opening Hours : from Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm ;
Saturday from 10 am to 6pm. The Library is closed during the
Christmas holidays and for 4 weeks in August.
Loans: you can take out most of the books except for magazines.
Check the website for loan conditions.
Computer Rooms
The computer rooms with educational material are primarily
for classes and tutorials. These rooms are freely accessible besides
the above conditions.
Windows Rooms: A200 à A215, B202 et A308 – Salle REUTERS
in A203 Linux Rooms: B026, B028, B032, B038, B042 et B048
The Multimedia Rooms are freely accessible to all the students who
subscribed for additional optional services
(often included in subscription rights).
Rooms: D202 and the following, B423, C524
and C117.
The Bloomberg room is under study for future use.
Secure remote access to certain applications of the computer
rooms with educational material is available via the servers Citrix.
Information :
Help for Students
A Lost Passport
Click on Connect, then on the
Link which is under the
Connection link.
ENT and Wi-Fi Connection problems
Contact the technical support team in B017 or send an email to:
[email protected]
Courses online
Consult the Centre of Pedagogical Engineering website at:, rubric « Support & Aide », or contact the
educational support team at by email at:
[email protected] Offices: B418 ter to B422.
Computer Rooms
Students are on hand to help you use the material and software in A205
or in B017 for the computer rooms with educational material, and in
B425 for the Multimedia rooms.
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Guide "Your Digital Resources in short" - Université Paris