Directions: Students will be placed in groups of 3 or 4. Groups will create a review game for plate tectonics as
described below.
You and your partners are game developers who work for a business that develops learning materials
for science classrooms around the country. You have just been hired to create an engaging game for
Middle School students that will focus on plate tectonics, and how they affect the earth’s surface,
geological events, and continuous motion. Your game must be educational, challenging, and fun. In
order to create an effective product, you will need to conduct research on plate tectonics, and create
game questions that apply to the causes and effects of plate tectonics on the Earth. Your product will
include questions that must be answered correctly by game participants in order to successfully get
through the game, while teaching and reinforcing knowledge about plate tectonics. Each group will
write 30 questions (ex: questions on one side/answers on opposite side), of which several must apply
to the following topics:
1. Where are the tectonic plate located, and what are they named?
2. How are land features reshaped by plate tectonics?
3. Describe the motions and interactions of tectonic plates.
4. How do plate tectonics relate to the formation of the crustal features of the Earth?
5. What are products of the rock cycle?
Games will be for "3-4" players that are designed to engage participants. Each group will create their
own game template (if a board game) with a question bank . or prepared design for a "live"
performance (ex: jeopardy, eggspurt, family feud, millionaire, etc.) with a question bank. All test
banks will have 30 questions.
You will use notes, internet, textbooks, video lectures, scientific websites, etc., to conduct research on
plate tectonics and the elements that relate to the topic. Be sure to include the answers to 1-5 above
in your research.
Each game will be played by peer groups. Once all games have been played, students will
provide feedback about each game, and the class will vote on the overall best game. The games
will be designed to teach and reinforce the topic of plate tectonics, and to facilitate mastery of
the topic.
You will take a unit exam after your games have been played, to show mastery of the topic.