Use of the CRC facilities

Use of the CRC Facilities
Reservations for rooms: There is an office for student religious groups on the first floor with
computers, printer, scanner and copier. There are paper products, lots of staples, and golf pencils.
Groups should feel free to use these items. If your group has supplies that need to be exclusive,
store them in your group’s designated drawer or shelf.
One room will be kept free for quiet reflection and study at all times.
To book a meeting room submit a request via [email protected] The designated CRC
chaplain will then notify you when your reservation has been accepted. DO NOT ASSUME
The prayer room must be treated with great respect. It may only be used for prayer and/or
meditation. All people entering the room must conform to the strictest religious parameters.
Absolutely no food. No animals. No shoes. Clean feet and hands. Quiet and reverence are
essential. There are other rooms for conversation.
The three chaplains’ office spaces can be reserved with the individual chaplain’s permission.
Contact the chaplain directly.
Bathroom: There is one bathroom for the entire community. Clean up after yourself. Do not
leave personal items in the bathroom. Toilet paper and hand towels are stored in the closet at the
end of the hall. If you finish a roll, replace it…on the spindle. The tub is for ritual foot washing
only. The watering can is a portable bidet. Leave it there. Don’t flush feminine products. All
soiled feminine products must be disposed of in the can with a lid. If the bathroom should
become clogged…fix it. Plunger is in the closet with the toilet paper. Better yet, hold it till you
get home. You will thank us later.
Off limits places in the building:
No one is allowed in basement or third floor until further notice for safety reasons.
Never use the fireplace for a fire.
Books- The books in the CRC belong to the chaplains personal libraries and a very few belong to
various religious clubs. Feel free to use them while in the building. If you wish to check out a
book for further reading please contact [email protected]
Recycling- It is a religious practice to recycle and we recycle here. Paper, cardboard and wood
(without food particles) go in one container. Glass, plastic metal and milk cartons go in a second
container. Soda cans and deposit bottles go in a third and monies gathered go towards CRC
Batteries, aerosols, and other hazardous wastes should be removed from the building and
recycled appropriately elsewhere. For various electronic devices and inkjet cartridges see Pastor
We do not compost on site at this time due to unwelcome animal visitors.
Trash- There are trash receptacles throughout the building. Please use them and when your group
is done, gather your trash and dump it in the dumpster behind Morgan. Do not leave food trash in
the building at any time as this attracts mice.
The Yard: It is possible to reserve the yard. The respect and care that is offered to all the interior
paces of the CRC should be extended to all the exterior spaces of the CRC property as well.
Until clarified to be otherwise, all policies are the same as in any WPI public campus facility.