DNA Fingerprinting
For some background information useful in your DNA Fingerprinting Performance,
Visit this website: http://www.teachersdomain.org/asset/tdc02_int_creatednafp2/
and complete the guiding questions below.
The process of gel electrophoresis can be used to create a DNA fingerprint.
Name two situations in which DNA fingerprints can be used.
Step 1: Add restriction enzymes to the DNA sample. What do restriction enzymes do?
Step 2: Pour the agarose gel into the tray. The gel is porous. How does it help separate
the DNA fragments?
Step 3: Pour the DNA into the tray.
Step 4: Turn on the gel electrophoresis.
Define Electrophoresis:
DNA has which charge?
Which charge is the DNA attracted to?
Step 5: Place the nylon membrane on the gel. What does this do?
Step 6: Add the probes. How do the probes know which piece of DNA to bind to?
What special property do the probes have?
Step 7: Add the X-ray film. Why?
Step 8: Develop the film. What does this create?
The short version of how DNA fingerprints are made:
DNA has a ( ) charged. When you turn on the gel, the DNA samples move across to the
( ) side. Because the gel is porous, ______ fragments get stuck and don’t move far
whereas _______ fragments pass more easily and move farther.
Whose blood is it?
Who are the soldier’s parents & why?
Questions adapted from Judy Jones @ http://www.jonesbiology.com/biology-1/chapter-123---genetic-engineering
After you use the guiding questions to familiarize yourself with DNA Fingerprint technology, you
need to complete a performance explaining the process.
In a group of 3, you may complete a:
 Song
 Rap
 Skit
 Cartoon
The length/written requirements are:
 Song or Rap must be no less than 5 stanzas and group must turn in one
neat handwritten copy of the lyrics
 Skit must have no less than 5 thorough spoken “lines” and group must
turn in one neat handwritten copy of the script.
 Cartoon must have no less than 5 distinct “panels” with detailed captions
incorporating the key phrases
The [thorough explanation/accurate use of] key phrases required are:
 DNA Fingerprinting
 Gel Electrophoresis
 Restriction Enzymes
 Agarose Gel
 Specific base sequence
 DNA Sample
Positive Charge
Negative Charge
Larger fragments
Smaller fragment
For greater clarification on what is expected, see the rubric; Happy writing and/or drawing!

Gel Electrophoresis Group Activity