De Taali
Pre-camp 2
28 December 2015 – 24 January 2016
We are all very excited with the thought of all you wonderful people coming to be with us
this winter. We know that it is going to be an experience full of fun, happiness, laughter and
We have tried to make this precamp informative so that you are better prepared for your
journey to Lucknow and stay here.
Do take a very good look at the CISV Village Guide and discuss it.
If there is anything else that you would like to know please feel free to e-mail Anirudh at
[email protected] so that he can help you.
Contact information:
Anirudh Singh, Village Planning group
E-mail: [email protected]
Copy all mails to: [email protected]
Fax: +91 522 2638008 / 2635497
Mobile: +91 9235322962
We as Staff will also send a presentation of ourselves further in Precamp 3.
Camp Dates
Our Village will start on 28 December 2015 and it will end on 24 January 2016. This means
that you have to be here on 28 December before 8.00 pm (flight or train arrival). We will
meet you and pick you at the aiport (IATA code LKO) or Railways Station in Lucknow. We ask
you not to leave before 24 January 2016.
They will be here
Delegations: Brazil, Costa Rica, Finland, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, USA
Junior Counselors: France, India, Italy, Norway, USA
VISA for visiting India
Please check with the Indian Embassy/Consulate/High Commission in your country if you
need a visa to travel to India. Citizens of most countries do. Do apply for a tourist visa only.
Write to us and we will send you an official invitation-cum-visa request letter which will help
you get the visa to visit India.
Travel Arrangements
The nearest international airport from Lucknow is the Indira Gandhi International (IGI)
Airport in Delhi, now called Terminal 3. The website of the airport is The IATA Code for Delhi airport is DEL. Your
final destination on your plane ticket should read: Lucknow (the IATA Code for Lucknow is
1. Please ask your travel agencies to book confirmed flights right up to Lucknow as it is here
that we will receive and see you off.
Do let us know by the date and time of your flight’s arrival at Delhi International Airport. Also
the flight name and flight number. Once we have the complete information about your
arrival in Delhi and the onward departure information to Lucknow from Delhi, we will be
able to advise you better about the travel plans.
2. Ask your travel agency to give you the New Delhi Office phone numbers of the airline you
will be arriving at and departing from Delhi as some airlines stipulate reconfirmations of
tickets. The staff will of course help you.
We also advise you that there should be a gap of approximately 5 hrs between your
domestic and international flights for return journey as sometimes the flights may get
delayed or even may stand cancelled due to weather conditions from Lucknow to Delhi and
you may miss your international flight.
Inter-terminal transfer
From International to Domestic
DIAL provides a complimentary shuttle bus service for passengers, every 20 minutes
between domestic and international terminals of the Indira Gandhi International Airport.
Domestic terminal is also known as T1 and international terminal as T3.
Between the Domestic terminals
Indigo, Spice Jet & Go Air depart from Terminal 1D & arrives at Terminal 1C. Complimentary
Golf cart service is also available for convenience of the passengers.
Air India, Vistara & Jet Airways depart & arrive at Terminal 3.
Taxi Hire at the Airport
If you need to, you can hire pre-paid taxi (small cars) from the pre-paid taxi booth at airports
in Delhi. For example, a pre-paid taxi (accommodates 5) would cost approximately US$ 10
for a one-way 20 kilometer journey to the railway station.
Important Note: Don't forget to exchange some of the currency you are carrying into
Indian Rupees immediately upon your arrival at the International Airport. You should make
payments to the taxi operators in cash and in Indian Rupees. Request for small denomination
notes of Indian Rupees 10, 20, 50 and 100 in addition to any 500 Rupees notes that you may
get from the exchange counters. DO NOT engage any porters or helpers to wheel your
baggage out as they expect to be paid in return. This is not a complimentary service but a
PAID one.
Book your luggage up to DELHI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Collect your luggage at the Delhi
International Airport and please move to Domestic Airport to board the flight to Lucknow.
Delhi – Lucknow and Lucknow-Delhi flights
We would recommend that you fly Jet Airways, Vistara or Air India as these airlines operate
from International Terminal T3 as you would not need to change terminals in Delhi.
Rail connections
New Delhi is 495 kms from Lucknow and it takes nearly an hour by airplane and 8 hours by
train. Rail reservations can be done from a special counter for foreigners at Platform No 1 at
the New Delhi Railway Station, which is about 20 kms from the International Airport. On
payment of the fare in dollar currency, priority is given to foreigners as regards reservation.
However, please ensure that you have advance reservations, as most trains need
reservations and there is usually no room on most trains unless you have advance
reservation. We are giving you the details of some of the convenient and important trains
from New Delhi to Lucknow:
Train Name
Train No
Shatabdi Express
New Delhi
Lucknow Mail
New Delhi
New Delhi
Shatabdi Express
New Delhi
Lucknow Mail
New Delhi
New Delhi
(The Lucknow Railway Station is also known as Charbagh Railway Station)
The Site
The Village will be held at CISV Building, which is part of a larger complex of City Montessori
School, Kanpur Road Campus, LDA Colony, Kanpur Road, Lucknow. The building has been
constructed by City Montessori School especially to host CISV international camps. This fivestoried building has its own kitchen, bed rooms, and activity rooms where indoor activities
will be held. Though the building is not centrally cooled, we have air conditioning. In front of
the building is a swimming pool, in which all of you may make a splash. The school has a
large open playing-ground which will be used for the outdoor activities. The playground is
common for both the school and the site and will be available after 3.00 pm each day
because of school timings. For outdoor activities we also have a large roof covered cemented
area which provides ample protection from the vagaries of inclement weather.
Site Address:
CISV Building, City Montessori School Kanpur Road Campus
LDA Colony, Kanpur Road
Lucknow-226012, India
Tel: 0091-522-2437202
The school is situated in the western part of Lucknow. It is located about 6 km from the
Lucknow Railway Station (also called Charbagh Railway Station) and about 4 km from
Lucknow Airport (also called Amausi Airport).
About India
India is a Democratic Republic in South-Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by geographical
area, the second-most populous country. Bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the
Arabian Sea on the west, and the Bay of Bengal on the east, India has a coastline of
7,517 kilometres (4,700 mi). It is bordered by Pakistan to the west; People's Republic of
China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north; and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east. India is in
the vicinity of Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and Indonesia in the Indian Ocean.
The name ’India’ is derived from Indus, which is derived from the Old Persian word Hindu,
from Sanskrit Sindhu, the historic local appellation for the Indus River. The ancient Greeks
referred to the Indians as Indoi or the people of the Indus.
India is a Democratic Republic and it consists of 29 states and 7 union territories. Every state
needs a capital as well. Welcome to LUCKNOW, the capital city of the state UTTAR
PRADESH. You can find all the states and union territories on the map.
The capital city of Uttar Pradesh, is located on the bank of the River Gomti. Lucknow is
famous for its rich culture of “Pahle Aap” meaning after you and Chikenkari Work (Hand
embroidery on clothes). Just near to Lucknow is another big city of Kanpur also called as the
“Manchester of India” for the petroleum and lather industries. Lucknow has always been a
peaceful place while the people here still have high etiquettes. There are several monuments
in the city, the most famous one is the Bara Imambara also called BHOOL BHULAIYA (the
Maze). While the other tourist attractions are Residency, Hussainabad Imambara, Shaheed
Smarak, Roomi Darwza Gateway and many more. On one hand a part of our city has ancient
monuments and the rich culture and on the other hand we have multistory buildings and
Lucknow was once the capital city under the Nawabs (Muslim rulers) of Awadh (also known
as Oudh - a region of northern India before
independence) and so features several imposing
Bara means big, and an Imambara is a shrine
built by for the purpose of mourning.
The Bara Imambara was built by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula in 1784, a year of a devastating
famine, and one of Asaf-ud-Daula's objectives in embarking on this grandiose project was to
provide employment for people in the region. According to reports, the famine continued for
over a decade and the construction of the building continued for this time. It is said that
ordinary people used to work in the day building up the edifice, while noblemen and other
elite were called at night to break down all the structure raised, as they were incapable of
doing anything else, according to a chronicle of the period. This see-saw effort continued till
the famine period was over.
The architecture of the complex reflects the maturation of ornamented Mughal design - it is
one of the last major projects not incorporating any European elements or the use of iron.
There is also a blocked (tunnel) passageway which, according to legends, leads through a
mile-long underground passage to a location near the Gomti River. Other passages are
rumoured to lead to Faizabad, Allahabad and even to Delhi.
The Weather
Weather of Lucknow during the winters is COLD. The winters start from mid – November and
last till mid February. The season is comparatively cold with the average temperature
revolving around 18°C during the day. At times the mercury can dip to about 5°C in the
night!! GET WOOLENS!
Legal Requirements
You need to be insured while you are travelling to India and during your stay in India. The
insurance should cover any doctors and/or hospital bills and emergency return trips made
necessary by sudden illness or accident. If you don’t have any travel insurance, please
contact CISV International Office in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and they will help you out. If you
arrive without full insurance coverage, we need to take insurance for you via International
Office and your local chapter will be charged for it.
Forms you will need to fill out and bring in triplicate are the following:
Delegation Information Form
CISV participant Travel Information Form
Health Form
Youth Legal Information Form (YLIF)
Adult Legal Information Form (ALIF)
Swimming ability
Allergies or Dietary Requests Form (Send to us Before)
If travelling to an excursion after the Village, authorisation must be given by parents /
guardians and by your chapter. The authorisation must be shown to the Director.
Please send them by fax at 0091-522-2638008, 2635497. You can send us the following
[email protected]
[email protected]
One can find all the relevant documents online at:
You should leave a copy of all these forms back home, and also bring 3 copies with you. We
recommend to put the children’s forms into separate envelopes and those envelopes in turn
into separate bigger envelopes.
Registration on MyCISV & Claiming Participation
Do not forget to pre-register on the CISV website ( and claim participation in our
Programme. To register, follow these five small steps:
1. Go to
2. Read through the cookies conditions and select [ACCEPT]
3. Fill in name and address (and make sure you indicate you personal e-mail address).
4. Select [REGISTER]
5. Check your e-mail inbox to confirm your registration by clicking on the link in the e-mail. (Once
confirmed, you will receive your password to login through your e-mail address). When this is done,
claim participation in our program! (Look for our code: V-2015-25)
Peace Education
Peace Education looks at local and global issues that are relevant to all people, recognising that peace
can mean much more than the absence of war. In fact, Peace Education encourages us to look at a
wide range of issues and helps us gain a better understanding of:
− our own identity within the local and global community
− basic human rights as well as forms of exploitation and injustice
− conflicts and how they can be caused, prevented and resolved
− sustainable solutions for environmental and development issues
This year CISV programmes all over the world will have "Conflict and Resolution" as their
themes and so are we. We will, together, work to to understand how conflicts can arise,
deliberately or otherwise, and what can be done to bring about a peaceful resolution.
Planning and organizing activities
Whether an activity is familiar to CISV or a new one, there are four important questions for
planners to keep in mind:
1. How does the activity relate to the theme?
2. How does the activity help participants to achieve the educational goals?
3. How do we ensure that it is well planned and implemented?
4. How do we know if the activity was successful?
It is expected that during the camp, we will improve our skills on how to handle
responsibility when undertaking camp activities.
The will need to plan which can be done in a variety of ways:
By delegations, or planning groups
Group discussion
By creating a daily schedule format
Developing lists ranked by interests (survey)
Using activities brought by delegations
Considering use of local resources
Impromptu suggestions
A great Village is a unique and wonderful place to be in. It is filled with the warmth of the
human spirit, as individuals from different countries come together as one family and share
all their joys, sorrows, differences, hopes, fears and skills. It is very important to realize that
it is what we make it. It is our collective responsibility to make it an effective success. The
challenge is before us - dare we give a little of ourselves in making this dream come true?
Religious Services
If you let the staff know whether you would like to go to church or any place of worship, we
can arrange the transport and chaperone. Do remember that the staff should be informed at
least 48 hours before your intended visit.
Village Relations Policy
We believe that we should all have a wholesome Village experience. Though it is going to be
a closed camp, you will have ample opportunity to interact with the local community. The
kitchen staff, the people who drive us around in the city, our support staff, the people who
look after the hygiene and health have vast experience with hosting. We will be interacting
them often and will make you all meet them. Also, our chapter contacts will be visiting us
quite often and you will be able to meet a number of adults and children who have been
associated with CISV for very long time.
Responsibilities of Adult Leaders
All leaders are responsible for any child at any time when that child is near you. Adult
leaders must be prepared to help and counsel any child in the Village.
Please discuss with your delegation the meaning of respect for others, their
possessions and the Village property.
You are responsible for your own delegation. Be a good example!
All leaders will share the responsibility for planning and running the Village. You all
have talents and ideas to share! If everyone contributes to the Village, it will be more
enjoyable for everybody!! Encourage your delegates to share activities they like. You
are supposed to plan, prepare and lead activities, besides being the mother, father,
family, boss and friend of your delegation.
Being an adult leader is a 24 hour job! Some people require more rest than others.
Know your limitations! Everyone is expected to be ready to participate in the next
day’s activities.
You are also required to do your bit - cleaning, kitchen duties, etc.
The success of the Village depends on the willingness of adult leaders to make this
month a special time for everyone.
All the kids look up to you for guidance, so lead by example!
Have fun! Have the best time of your life!
Responsibilities of JCs
You have a most important role in the Village i.e. to function as a link between the
children and the adults.
JCs are a part of the leaders group and the staff and have equal responsibilities of
taking care of the safety of all kids.
A child may first come to you with his or her problem, but please remember that a
child is first and foremost, the responsibility of the leader.
It is also important to treat every child as equal.
Planning together with leaders and staff.
Attend the leaders meeting and share ideas. Of course the JCs will have the same
power of speech at the meetings as the rest of the leaders group.
As a JC, you are expected to form your own group and meet as a delegation during
delegation time.
Remember to bring your own national costume, as we will have a JC's Night during
the Village.
Run the Village shop with help from the Staff.
Be a good example!
Have fun! Have the best time of your life!
Responsibilities of Child delegates
CISV was made for you and thousands of other 11 year olds. It is a chance of a lifetime to
participate in a Village as a child delegate. So make it just that! Everyone looks forward to
welcoming you to our warm and hospitable country. We hope that you pack in your suitcase,
an extra box of friendship, many packets of enthusiasm, a tin of happiness and most
important of all, an open mind. This Village can be the beginning of many a life-long
friendship, so do not hesitate in making new friends. Remember, a month is but a short time
and passes quickly, so use it to make as many friends as possible! We expect that you will
participate in all games and activities with as much zeal as possible. The same goes for
keeping the Village clean. Please bring your beautiful smiles and happy laughter along with
you and we hope that you will have the best time of your lives!
Be aware of others, their feelings and needs. Be responsible. Think of others.
Participate in all activities.
Respect the Village facilities and equipment. Help keeping things clean and tidy.
Respect others people’s properties.
Look after your own possessions and keep them tidy.
Look after your own personal cleanliness.
Have fun! Have the best time of your life!
Day Off
Every leader and JC can take a day off. When you wish to do so, mark the day on the
Village Chart. However, you must ensure that not more than 3 adults (JCs included)
are taking their day off simultaneously as this would create problems for the
delegations. Let the Staffies know your plans during this time (for emergencies, if
any) and always take the telephone number of the Village site with you, in case you
need to contact us. The Staff will help you with any plans for the day off.
(Please do not plan to take your day off on the days on which there are special
events, excursions, Open Day and the last two days of the camp. Outstation visits are
not encouraged!)
CISV Rules
The Indian national laws and the CISV rules will apply to every participant:
No discrimination
No drugs: Illegal possession/intake of drugs is punishable under Indian Laws
(minimum 5 years imprisonment).
No abuse of alcohol: According to Indian Laws, consumption of alcohol is not
permitted in public places. Please also note that alcohol (even in sealed bottles) will
not be permitted at the site. Even if you wish to drink light alcoholic beverages (like
beer), by law you must be at least 18 years of age.
No Smoking: Smoking will not be allowed on the site. Adults wishing to smoke may
do so outside the site, but definitely not in front of kids.
No driving scooters, motorcycles, cars or rickshaws! Traffic keeps to left side of the
The currency in India is called Indian Rupees. The Indian Rupee compared to US Dollars
is: 1 US = INR 65. We suggest that you bring $200.00 per person, plus an additional
$100.00 in emergency money per person. It is also suggested that each leader bring a
credit card that may be used in case of emergency situations. We will keep your money,
passports and tickets in a safe place. Please avoid bringing expensive items to the site
that is not essential.
Mc Donalds Big Mac Burger: USD 01.50
Pepsi/Coke bottle 500 ml: USD 00.50
Official Language
The official language will be English.
Food Information
The kitchen will be dishing out hot meals thrice a day, besides snacks. Come prepared for
some exotic food, which we will however adapt to suit your palates.
Out of bounds
The kitchen is out of bounds of all, however, the adult leader can ask the kitchen in charge if
you feel to cook something for national night.
Special Diets
If you have any special dietary request, please do inform us well in advance, so that we can
make the necessary arrangements. Also, please inform us if any of you have any allergies
hence requiring special medical care.
We will not be serving beef or pork for religious reasons!
National Nights
We would like you to share your wonderful country and its culture with all of us and for the
purpose we have set aside a day/night so that you can put up something special. You may
choose to have a separate National Night or you could share it with another country. We
would like you to teach us some of your songs (in your own languages and on a CD or a flash
drive), dances, games and other activities. You are most welcome to bring slides/videos of
your families, school, friends, posters and any audio-visual aid that you feel you might need.
Do not forget to bring booklets about yourself, your city and/or country to share with all the
others or you can carry CDs. You can place their requests for equipment with the staff
concerned at least 3 days in advance. In order to introduce participants to the host nation’s
culture, we plan to have celebrations of some traditional festivals of the country in evenings
when there are no national nights. Please remember that the Voltage in India is 220 Volts, so
you should bring along an adapter in case your equipment functions on a different voltage.
The socket points have round tips.
Cooking for the National Nights
For your National Nights, you may prepare a National Meal/Snack to enable the other
participants to sample your country's cooking. If you need any special ingredients please
bring them along or let us know on beforehand. And we might not be able to get you all the
things you are used to from your own country. Common ingredients can be bought here in
National Dresses
For the national night, we expect everone to wear dresses that are particular to their
region/country so that we all get to know what you wear, besides jeans and t-shirts. Please
decide whether your kids want to trade the costumes as they are a very important trade
Open Day
We will have an Open Day, the date of which will be communicated later. You all will be
happy to know that we plan to organize the open day in a huge auditorium with the motive
to promote the CISV spirit among the children and parents. We expect a good crowd of
approximately 2000 people and most of them will be kids of your age. UP Chapter wants to
encourage children for the CISV camps so that the CISV spirit can reach maximum,
simultaneously, the chapter also wants you all to spread your culture so that maximum
people can get to know about your culture too. On this day, you will be expected to present
a special programme depicting your country’s culture. We expect each item to be of at least
5 minutes duration. We are expecting a good number of CISV members for the programme,
so be prepared. We would also like the leaders to present some group activity, unique to the
CISV spirit.
Tree Plantation
We will be having a tree-plantation ceremony. The tree, so planted, will serve as a reminder
of our commitment towards living with the CISV spirit. It will be a living remembrance of the
good times that we spent together.
Flag Time
Flag time is an integral and important part of the CISV experience. Everyone is expected to
be present at the Flagmast at Flag-up i.e. 8:25 in the morning and for Flag-down at 9:00 in
the evening. Please be there on time, because we would not like to start if someone is
missing!! The Leaders will be responsible for ensuring this.
Outing & Picnic
We have planned an outing/picnic during the Village, which is free of cost and is being paid
for by the Chapter. The excursion includes a visit to various places of interest in and around
Lucknow. It will be a day long affair!
All Passports, tickets, money, travellers-cheques, forms and other valuables should be given
to the Director, for safe-keeping. Other valuable items like cameras etc should be carried on
person and should not be left about unattended. The staff (including the external staff and
volunteers) will not be held responsible for any misplaced or lost items.
We are a conservative country and the city of Lucknow even more so. We feel it a good idea
if all the delegates are appropriately clothed during their stay here. Appropriate clothing
includes garments which cover all exposed parts of the skin (excluding the hands and face).
Tuck Shop
The Tuck Shop will be opened every day in the afternoon for half an hour. In the shop, one
can get stamps, postcards, wafers, sweets, chocolates, soft drinks etc. We have a system,
wherein all the kids (and Adults too!!) may buy articles from the Tuck Shop, and the
purchases will be added on to a list which will be given to the leaders at the end of the week.
They will then pay the necessary amount to the Director. There will a spending limit, beyond
which a child may not spend money on eatables. This limit will be decided by leaders.
We will have a complete First Aid kit available at the site. There will not be a special
nurse or doctor staying at the site. However, we have an agreement with a nearby
health-centre for smaller injuries and sickness. In the case of a medical emergency the
closest hospital is informed about our Village and where the participants come from.
Once again remember to adequately fill out your health forms.
If anyone uses special medication, the leader must bring the medication and is also
responsible for proper use.
Please if you have any kind of allergy, restrictions or chronic disease tell us and write it
on the health form.
Delegates on prior medication HAVE TO bring their own medicines, which should last for
a period of one month OR bring the prescription of such medication along with them.
Other COMMON medicines will be provided by the Doctor, only after seeing the
Contact Lenses
All Delegates wearing contact lenses should bring a spare pair of lenses, or a prescription of
the power specifications so that they can be replaced should the need arise.
Vaccinations & Immunizations
All vaccinations recommended by your health authorities/Embassies/High Commissions
should be strictly adhered to and Delegates should be inoculated as prescribed, as they will
be traveling to a Tropical country. Malaria and Hepatitis immunizations are recommended.
Though, there are no risks as we will be taking the necessary precautions.
A film will be made and will cover almost all the activities of the Village - the reception of the
delegates, excursion etc. The film will be made for the delegates so that they can take home
sweet memories of their days spent here. We will have camera recordings which will be
transferred onto a CD which the chapter will gift to each participant. This camera will be
handled in-house by the chapter.
A CISV India jumper will be made and it will be available in three sizes – small, medium and
large. The estimated cost of the jumper will be US$ 15. Do send us the sizes in inches across
the chest and from shoulders to 9 inches below the waist (for all your delegation members).
Each delegation will be allotted days in the week when they can wash their laundry. This may
be according to a roster, or a washing list, wherein, delegations will sign up on the days they
would like to wash. We will be providing three washing machines with washing instructions.
These washing machines will be placed near the Laundry Room, where one can also iron
ones clothes. Every leader will have to wash the dirty clothes of his delegation. Please bring
your laundry bags and make sure that all your kids mark their clothes (especially the socks)
with their first names and name of the country. You should have clothes at least to last you 7
(seven) days at a stretch.
We have a swimming pool at the site. Be sure to pack your swimming costumes and trunks.
We will need a letter from each parent giving written permission for his or her ward to swim.
The letter can be carried by the leader and submitted to the Director upon arrival at the site.
Communication Equipment
We will be providing facilities such as a fax machine, e-mail, computer, printer, audio & video
systems and a slide projector in the communications centre which is in the building itself.
International calls can be made from here but will cost you except for the first one that the
leader can make to the sending chapter to give news of the arrival of the delegation in
Lucknow. Kindly check the rate list for the rates of faxes, ISD Telephone calls and E-mail from
the Communications Room at the site.
You have mail
The mail for you and your delegation will behanded over to the Leader or put into the
Leader's Box in the Leaders' Room. Leaders can hand it out to your children, preferably
during Delegation Time. Make sure that the children write home once in a while. You can
buy the stamps for the letters and postcards in the JC run Tuck Shop. The Mail box will be
placed on the ground floor.
Things to bring
It´s important to remember a few things when coming:
Underwear, socks etc to last for at least 10 days
Long pants/jeans
Woolen Sweaters / Warm Jackets
Something you would wear to a party
Sneakers, slippers or other comfortable shoes
Running shoes + those you travel in
Cap or hat (for sun)
Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo comb/brush)
2 towels
Sun screen
Laundry Bag
Insect and Mosquito Repellent
Small Flashlight
Items to trade (CISV-things such as T-shirts, necklace, bracelet, hats, pens...) They should be
National costume, scrapbook and anything else for your national night (+ open day)
A flag from your country (approximately 5 feet x 3 feet)
Posters from your country to decorate the site
Something nice for the staff
What not to bring
Any antisocial stuff, like electronic devices (Gameboy, Walkman, Discman)
Mobile Phone (leaders and JCs can get mobile phones but NOT the kids)
Any kind of jewellery or that, which you don’t want to lose
Brothers, sisters or parents; unless they’re a member of your delegation
Bad mood
Negative attitude
Don’t forget to bring
Visa (if you need)
Health Form (HF)
Send Immediately
Coloured Individual & Group Photographs
CISV Insurance Details
Requirements for national nights
Group Photographs of delegation and individual photographs as JPEG attachments. You need
not identify the children by name in the photographs.
Important Points
Telephone Calls
Please make it clear that the children may not receive or make telephone calls from or to
home during the Village. Leaders will have an opportunity to inform the delegates’ parents
upon their arrival in Lucknow. A phone will be used for emergency use only. Children may
not use cell phones during the Camp and leaders may use them if needed after activities.
Mailing Address
The Director
CISV International Village Camp
CISV Building
City Montessori School, Kanrpur Road Campus
LDA Colony
Kanpur Road
Lucknow, UP, India
Tel: +91-522-2437202
Swimming ability
The leader shall bring this form to the Village
I,________________________________________________________ parent/legal guardian
of _________________________________________________________ guaranty
(participant’s name)
that my child can swim.
His/her ability
Good (<100 m)
Alright (50 m)
Poor (25 m)
Allergies or Dietary Requests Form
PLEASE let us know if you have any food requirements so we can inform our kitchen staff
as soon as possible (vegetarian, allergies, religious restrictions).
Also, please let us know if you have any health or allergy related needs including allergies to
pets. The sooner we have this information, the more prepared we will be when you arrive!
Please send in this form to Anirudh, at [email protected]
[email protected] as early as possible!
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December 2015
Reception at
Pre-planning session
for the entire Village
and Site Tour
Leaders and JCs
arrive at Village
Thursday Friday
Arrival & welcome of
children at the Village site at
10:30 am
Children’s Homestay Official Opening & Meet the
continues Press at 12:30 pm
Welcome lunch at 1:15 pm
Village Staff Introductions at
January 2016
Thursday Friday
Fire Drill
Local Excursion &
Children leave for
home-stay after
Leader’s Weekend
Children return
to the
Village by 5:00
Shopping Day
Open Day at 9:30
Camp Photo
session in
National Dress
Tree Plantation Bye-Bye. Will see
you again