ENA Kentucky State Council
State Council Meeting and Conference Call
August 14, 2015
Attendance by Conference call:
Mary Raley, President
Jason Stiles
Anne Afton
Rebekah Dailey
Dan Andrews
Charlotte O’Neal
Dixie Bryant
Betty Nolan
Linda Murray
Meg Candage, Treasurer
Renee Cecil
Julie Derringer
Matt Proud
Mary Rose Bauer
Ashley Oney
Courtney Blankenship
Jeff Ritzler
Welcome / Introductions: Mary Raley—meeting called to order at 11:15 pm.
Review of Minutes: Minutes from June 2015 conference call were sent per email. Addition to the
minutes was the amount for expenses for Rebekah Dailey for the Day on the Hill for $ 840. 36. Motion to
approve minutes by Linda Murray, seconded by Mary Rose Bauer. Minutes approved.
Treasurer Report:
 Meg Candage reporting: See Treasurer’s report (attached).
President’s Report: Mary Raley called on the membership to create a slate of nominations for the 2016
State Council offices of President-elect, Secretary, and Treasurer-elect. Request for nominations will go
through September 13, 2015 with elections from September 13 to October 10, 2015.
Guest Speaker: Kathleen Carlson, ENA Board Liaison,
Presentation and Introduction. “What’s New at ENA”. Attention to the Mission and Vision and
for members to give feedback and additional input. This includes the Strategic Plan, Satisfaction
Survey and Relevant Education.
The Orland Conference has 2200 registrations as of May. The conference will include Multi –
Casualty Incidents and Simulations.
Discussed Brand Reference Guidelines, Apps for ENA Connection, and Three types of
Newsletters which include STAT, State Pulse and Instructors. Advanced Practice Nursing in
Emergency Nursing and EN411 were also discussed.
Conference to include Clinical Practice issues, MIT Hackathon
Presentation of 2015 KY ENA Cheryl Westbay Award for Emergency Nursing Excellence to Mary Raley
2015 Delegates: Motion made by Dan Andrews to allot $1500 for each delegate for the conference.
Seconded by Anne Afton. All delegates present abstained. There were none opposed. Choices for the
shirts for the conference was decided upon by the delegates. Mary Raley will be the State Captain. The
delegate orientation should soon be available. The Delegate Handbook is available on the ENA website.
Tentative for Tuesday September 29th for delegates to meet at the conference at 7:30 pm. RSVP to Meg.
Chapter Reports:
Bluegrass – Dixie Bryant- Meeting was held at Malone’s banquet room on August 4th. 25 to 30
present with guest speaker.
Julie Derringer was nominated as President Elect. Linda Murray will cover Secretary/Treasurer
until the end of 2015.
CEN review on November 13. Our next meeting will be October 7th at Bella Nolte
Kentuckian – Renee Cecil – Speaker presented presentation on Kenya Relief. In September
meeting there will be a presentation on Stroke. The chapter is promoting Hands Only CPR. The
December meeting will have a presentation on the Lucas Device at Gypsies. On September 18
will be a CEN review.
Three Rivers – Mary Raley- TNCC I and CEN were cancelled. May be moved to December
Committee Reports
Membership – Anna Afton – There are 521 members in Kentucky. Suggested by Anne to
campaign for membership recruitment to “Be Your Best- Join ENA” Suggested to maybe deduct
Indirect fees on TNCC and/or ENPC to towards the cost of membership.
Press Secretary – Mary Raley – No Report
Government Affairs – Rebekah Dailey – Promoting CPR in the School Systems and Mental
Health Reform.
Trauma/Pediatric – Linda Murray – ENPC Instructor Course at UK on September 1.
Fundraising – Anne Afton – State donations are good. Need to promote more individual
donations. The Bluegrass Chapter has added $500 to the donations of the state.
Awards – Betty Nolan – 2 scholarships were awarded to KY ENA members. Matt Proud and
Rebekah Dailey were both winners.
Student outreach – Dan Andrews/Anne Afton – October 4th is the conference for the Kentucky
Association of Nursing Students (KANS) in Lexington KY. Betty offered to work a booth.
Planning for 2016 Conference: Dan Andrews and Dixie Bryant will chair conference planning.
Date set for May 13. Scott Devore will present “Peds R’ Us” and possibly a CPEN review. Renee
is working on the venues. Looking into possible collaboration with Indiana and Ohio. Timeline
for save the date is October 1. Will send out a “call for speakers” in the near future.
Meeting adjourned at 1:25pm by Jeff Ritzler, seconded by Dixie Bryant
The next meeting will be on September 29, 2015 at the ENA National Conference in Orlando.
Mary Raley: [email protected]
Meg Candage: [email protected]
Hillary Wain: [email protected]
Next Meeting: , 2015
Respectfully submitted:
Linda Murray

Meeting Minutes