Assignment A
Part A
I would suggest the use of either two boom gates on each of the points to be blocked or bollards
that retract into the ground when not required. Give that the blockade is to be manual the entry and
exit procedures will be the same with the person to move the block then replace after.
If boom gate is to be used then it should use a steel column for strength and an aluminium gate with
counter balance for ease of moving. If bollard is used it should be either powder coated or
galvanised to prevent rusting. In both cases it should be easily visible to prevent accidental collisions.
Daniel Farrugia
Part B
SBR security solutions
ZoneGuard - Manual Boom Gate
ZoneGuard has the following product features:
Ball bearing shaft for smooth, silent operation.
Spring-loaded positive mechanism at both ends of travel.
Fully counterbalanced for ease of use.
Soft stops at both ends of travel.
Class 2 reflective striping fitted to the post and boom arm.
“Breakaway” bolts to avoid mechanism damage in the event of vandalism.
All steel components are zinc plated for superior corrosion resistance.
 Boom Arm Length - 5 metres as standard (other lengths to order)
 Boom Arm Material - 80mm O.D Aluminium Tube, 3mm wall
 Spindle Bearing - 80mm deep groove ball bearing
 End Stops - Cammed action onto urethane bush
 Locking Mechanism - Spring Loaded, hardened alloy steel pin
 Breakaway Bolts - 4 x M8 nylon to fail at 60 KGF
 Shipping Weight - 47kg
 Mounting Holes - 4 x 11mm diameter to suit M10 x 30 Grade 8 bolts
Optional Mounting Post
 Mounting Post (opt) - 150mm x 100mm steel RHS c/w pressed steel cap
 Base Plate - 10mm mild steel base plate
 Boom Arm Height - 1100mm above base plate
 Shipping Weight - 28kg
 Mounting Holes - 18mm diameter holes for 16mm Chemical Anchors
Daniel Farrugia
Securapost bollards
Retractable bollards are designed for medium security applications such as traffic and parking
control. (Note: Retractable should not be used where high security locking is required, such
as car yards etc. For these applications insurance companies insist on our “Cam-lok”
removable bollards).
Using the unique ‘T’ handle key to access the internal locking mechanism simply lower the
bollard into the in ground casing.
Fast – Simple – Trouble free
Description: Retractable bollard for vehicle access and parking control.
Material: Bollards 90mm diameter with 5mm wall mild steel. In ground casing 140mm
diameter with 5mm wall mild steel
finish: Bollards powder coated safety yellow. In ground casing hot dip galvanised.
Height: Above ground 900mm.
Below ground 1150mm.
Shipping Weight: BR900 36kg
Locking: Unique internal locking mechanism with ‘T’ handle key. Tamper and foul proof.
Installation: Excavation and concrete footing.
Daniel Farrugia
Design standards for boom gates are generally between 3 and 6 metre. Most use aluminium
poles with a steel column. More expensive models incorporate breakaway security to prevent
excessive damage to both car and gate when impacted.
The bollards are generally 900 height and use galvanised steel. They have different wall
thicknesses for different levels of security.
I think the bollard is a good option to consider because it is easy to open and close. The
retractable bollards are well protected from vandalism and damage. It is easily visible when
extended. It is strong enough to with stand cars hitting it. Relatively low maintenance and
doesn’t get in the way when not required. There is no chance to it coming down and hitting a
car like a boom gate can.
Daniel Farrugia

Assignment A Part A I would suggest the use of either two boom