Module Description BSc-Program, Major International Management LPDE
Course B, Personal Development
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Leadership & Personal Development; Course B Personal Development
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Full-Time Study: 4./5. semester
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Prof. Sigmar Willi
Prof. Sigmar Willi, Roger Longhi
Classroom dialogue, presentation, individual work, partner work, group work,
guest lectures, workshops, excursions, guided self study, self study
In basic business studies, most often the subject matters are being learnt in an
analytical and cognitive way. In this subject, students learn how to use and integrate the creative systemic side of thoughts and feelings for their prospective
business environment. In addition the participants should be capable to plan his
or her activities in all life sectors in accordance to their own resources.
Moreover they learn the way of conscious thinking by the rules of positive autosuggestion. Which thoughts help to gain success and which are counterproductive?
Based on an outdoor environment, every student will reflect his or her role in
dynamic team-development exercises. With experimental and action guided
learning everybody should be capable to supervise strengths and weaknesses
of themself.
Module Description BSc-Program, Major International Management LPDE
Course B, Personal Development
Module Target /
Learning Target
Professional competencies:
The students
o know modern techniques and trends in the area of personality and team development.
o are able to fetch emotional and social components into management of
change processes and organisational development processes.
o know the essential areas of conflicts and know how to integrate the working
world into a holistic life plan.
Method competencies:
The students
o independently analyse and integrate values, feelings and tenors in personal development and leadership.
o independently analyse and integrate the taught instruments in human resource development and managerial functions.
Social competencies:
The students
o can convey their findings to different target groups.
o work on tasks in teams where they give constructive criticism and concurrently they are able to take criticism themselves.
Self competencies:
The students
o become more open to a holistic view of human beings in their working
world and in their socio-cultural environment.
o understand that self-reflection and self-awareness essentially contribute to
a long term increase in efficiency and effectiveness.
o are aware that the emotional component of our being is not to be isolated
of the everyday working life but rather to be fully integrated.
o advance their abilities to set life goals themselves, which correspond with
one’s own resources.
o take care of their way of thinking due to the fact that affirmatively mental
energy leads to more success in life.
o can gain access to an individual set of reconciliation- and relaxation techniques.
o obtain access to more energy and vitality.
Module Description BSc-Program, Major International Management LPDE
Course B, Personal Development
Module Content/
Learning Content
Learning block I - Emotional Intelligence & The Way of thinking
In learning block I we open up the question why intellectual abilities can be
used best when we take care of our „emotional household“. We will work up
systematically the five levels of emotional intelligence after Daniel Goleman
(self-awareness, self-management, self-motivation, empathy, social competence). With a number of exercises we will apply the content of these levels to
ourselves as well as to the group aiming to better observe and influence feelings of our own and others.
Furthermore we hold a strong focus on the way we are thinking. How does positive thinking affect our actions and lead to more success? What are the rules of
positive and realistic thinking? We learn several techniques of auto-suggestion
to guide our inner dialogue in daily life.
Learning block II Life Balance, personal management
In learning block II we will be engaged in the so called “Work-Life-Balance”,
where we talk of Life-Balance, because work is an integrative part of life of everybody who is engaged in the working world. In a multi-option society it is especially important to set priorities and targets of life.
A person has a holistic approach who directs his / her strengths to his / her
goals and who furthermore looks after him-/herself on the path to the goal.
In a holistic mindset body, ghost, and feelings are equally taken into account.
Learning block III Experimental Learning (Outdoor Training)
This block takes part as a half day seminar in the nearby lakeside region. With
the help of an external trainer there will be a focus on experimental and action
guided learning. By the end of the workshop one should have explored topics
like the personal development within a team or the individual impact on a
team’s performance. Furthermore everybody will have explored how to analyse
and guide one’s emotions in unusual team situations.
Mental and relaxation techniques as well as physical and emotion exercises are
included in some sessions of the learning blocks.
Module Structure
Gradation of SelfStudy:
Contact hours (28h)
Cover the topics of learning blocks I - III
Guided self study
Self study (32h)
Readings, exercises, self and team reflection
Teaching material
Module requirements
Scriptum and Presentation-Charts, Exercise sheets
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Final exam (45 min.)
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