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The Different Types of Environmental Pollution
‘Pollution’ is something that we all are concerned about in today’s time. The subject is a cause of
much controversy and debate. It mainly is a result of negligence on our parts. We are responsible
for polluting the soil, air and water with emission of gases, overuse of fertilizers, deforestation,
the dumping of waste products etc. Pollution can have hazardous effects on our health. There are
many different causes for pollution, and it has various side effects on our health systems. Some
of the causes of pollution are described below.
Air pollution
Air pollution is the polluting of air by various means and is one of the most visible forms of
pollution. We pollute air through the release of carbon monoxide from factories, vehicles etc.
The air gets polluted when various particles from these gases change the chemical composition
of the air. Air pollution has many detrimental effects on human health, the most common being
Asthma. Prolonged exposure to air pollution can lead to Emphysema. It also is a cause of ‘Acid
Rain’. This happens when chemicals released from the noxious gases get trapped in the rain.
This changes the water chemical composition resulting in acid rain. Acid rain is very harmful as
it pollutes rivers and lakes, as well as responsible for destroying plant and animal life. It changes
the chemical composition of soil and kills the entire forests. The dire consequence of air
pollution is its effects on global warming. Excessive carbon dioxide in the air changes the
chemical composition of the ozone layer making holes in it and increasing the environmental
temperature. This can lead to harmful effects on the environment.
Water pollution
Water pollution occurs in several ways. Industrial waste, sewage and waste water, radioactive
waste products, oil pollution, underground storage leakages etc are some of the ways in which
water is polluted. It not only is hazardous for humans but also for plant and animal life. Oil
pollution is responsible for killing marine and bird life. Dumping waste substances and industrial
waste cause contamination of water that can result in various illnesses and diseases. The drinking
of contaminated water can seriously affect many body systems causing long term consequences.
Water pollution strongly influences the delicate balance of nature by damaging the ecosystem
and food chain of various animals.
Soil pollution
It occurs due to acid rain, polluted water and fertilizers. Over the limit use of chemicals is one of
the major contributors to soil pollution. These chemicals affect the micro organisms present in
the soil. As a result, the soil loses its fertility and mineral content. Farming and deforestation
cause soil erosion as a result of moving of the top soil. This in turn, decreases the soil’s capacity
to retain water rendering it unfit for farming. Movement of topsoil also causes it to flow to
nearby rivers raising the river bed which cause flooding. Soil is also contaminated by oil leaks,
sewage wastes and chemical runoffs.
There are several more causes and effects of these three main types of pollution. It is essential to
know the causes and come up with strategies of preventing these disasters. There are many ways
in which we can prevent the air, water and soil pollution. For instance air pollution can be
prevented by reducing the release of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in the atmosphere.
Water pollution can be prevented by making sure that no garbage is thrown into rivers and lakes.
Soil pollution can be prevented by avoiding over fertilization and deforestation.

The Different Types of Environmental Pollution