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Preparation Complete by: ____________________
In order for our company to provide the most effective service possible, we ask
that before our arrival your review and complete all the necessary steps listed
below. Please complete and return this form to the scientific pest control
technicians when they arrive on the site. If you fail to complete the following
requests it may delay the treatment and potentially void and guarantee if
Scientific Chemical Free Pest Control Pesticide treatment preparation.
Email [email protected]
Fax : 780-756-0503
Phone :780-756-7378
Bed room
 In your bedrooms: Move all furniture at least 2 feet away from the walls so treatment
can be applied to the base boards.
 Remove all linens and blankets from bed and put in plastic bags for washing.
 Remove all clothing and items from floors, drawers, and the bottom of closets
(hanging can remain). Please wash all infested laundry in hot water/dryer (All
recently used items including bedding).
 Take clothing and other belongings out of all drawers, nightstands, tables, closets,
wardrobes and similar storage areas and launder as per directions located at the
end of this page. Ensure all garments are transported from the infested area in
sealed bags or containers when transporting to the laundry facility to prevent
spreading of the bed bugs and their eggs to non-infested areas. Discard plastic bags
used to transport items immediately in an exterior garbage bin.
 Any loose clothing (garments found outside of a dresser, under the bed or closet)
must be bagged and laundered as per laundry Directions. Discard p plastic bags
used of for transportation of these items into an exterior garbage bin.
 Remove all bedding and pillows. Place in bags and take to the laundry room where
they can be placed directly into the washing machine using hot water and /or placed
into the dryer.
 Vacuum the floor extensively.
Remove the vacuum bag immediately and discard in
an exterior garbage receptacle.
 Articles under the beds provide and ideal place for bed bugs to hide. All clothing or
garments must be bagged and laundered. Larger items that were previously sorted
under the bed should not be moved as bed bugs may be relocating into other areas
of the structure.
 Pry baseboards away from walls where possible or when instructed by the scientific
service technician.
Living Room
 Move all furniture at least 2 feet away from the walls to enable treatment to be
applied to baseboard perimeters. Heavy wall units may remain and we will work around
 Couches and chairs must be accessible to technicians – do not cover with sheets or
items. Remove all clothing and items from the bottom of broom, storage, and linen
closets and place these items in the center of a room. These items do not require
covering over unless they contain dishes or food.
 Birds and pets must be removed from the premises, and fish tanks (if any) must be
covered and the motors turned off, to prevent any possibility of poisoning.
 Children’s toys should be placed in plastic bags or covered toy boxes.
Don’t place items on beds, sofas and/or chairs as our technicians will need access to
them for a spray along the seams.
 Ensure that fresh linen is placed on all beds. Do not wash any of the baseboards or
bed frames for a period of at least six weeks. The pesticide has residual Effects
lessened by washing.
 Regular vacuuming should be done because cleanliness and sanitation is a vital part
of eradication and successful treatment.
 Birds and pets must be removed from the premises, and fish tanks (if any) must be
covered and the motors turned off, to prevent any possibility of poisoning.
 You and your pets to vacate the premises during the service and to not re-enter until
at least 4 hours after treatment. Where pregnancies, allergies, illnesses or other
unusual circumstances occur, occupants may wish to remain out of the premises for
periods longer than those indicated above. Person with underlying health conditions
should consult their family physician where they have concerns regarding re-entry

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