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December 21, 2015
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Drones are the Technology of the Future
ENID, OKLA.  As a high school junior and senior in 1986-1987, Phil Perez was a student in the
Microcomputer class, now known as Business and Information Technology. Knowing that he could continue his
education after high school graduation at Autry for free with the Autry Scholarship, Perez enrolled in the
Electronics Systems programs.
“In high school I installed car stereos for all of his friends and really enjoyed it,” Perez said. This experience is
what led him to the Electronics program.
After finishing the Electronics Systems program at Autry, Phil joined the Air Force. He served for 15 years and
worked on nuclear weapons. While in the Air Force, Phil learned about drones. Drones are used in the military
in situations where manned flight is considered too risky or difficult.
In 2004, Phil retired from the military and began working in the oil and gas industry. He always had a passion
for electronics and continued his hobby of drones. Phil decided to make his hobby into a career.
“I build my own drones from the ground up,” Perez said. “With approximately 30 drones I have started my own
business. The drones range is size depending on their function. The large drones are used for photography in
industries like real estate. I also have smaller drones I use to race with across the country.”
Drones are the technology of the future, according to Phil. Drones were used to film the latest BMW
commercial because a helicopter couldn’t access the road on the mountain. Drones were used to film parts of
the movie Expendables 3. The Discovery Channel now uses exclusively drones because of the deaths of
crewmembers trying to film in unsafe areas and conditions. Drones are used for collisions avoidance, search and
rescue missions, oil field pipeline inspections, crop monitoring and cell tower inspections, among other things.
After the first of the year, Autry’s Robotic and Electronic Automation program will begin curriculum on the
STEM Robotics Drones Lab. The student lab is designed as an introduction into the world of Drones and
Robotics. This curriculum takes an interactive approach to applied science, technology, engineering and math.
The goal is for the students to become familiar with the basics of the Drone robotics and programming through
teamwork hands-on experience.
The new training equipment that will be utilized by Autry’s Robotic and Electronic Automation students,
includes 3 MINDS-i Multi-rotor Drones, as well as a 6x6 Super Rover Robotic Chassis.
Autry Technology Center has been a part of the Enid community since 1967 and is one of 29 CareerTech
schools across Oklahoma. The center has more than 25 career programs and offers a wide variety of evening
and weekend short-term courses and certifications for many diverse career fields. Autry serves nearly 16,000
individuals each year, including many area employees who receive training through the Business and Industry
Services Department that works with over 500 local businesses each year.