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The University of Leeds – Events ‘In Principle’ Permission to Proceed
This pro forma details what information is required in order to obtain ‘in principle’ permission to
proceed. Please complete it with as much detail as possible and email it to the relevant
department for authorisation.
If you want to discuss your event in advance of completing the pro forma you can contact the
appropriate department for advice on the numbers listed.
Permission to proceed ‘in principle’ is normally given within 7 days of receipt of the pro forma
unless specialist advice is required, in which case it can take longer.
Written authorisation of ‘in principle’ permission to proceed must be available at the event.
Details of Proposed Event
Type of event: Filming and/or Photography
Team who give Permission to Proceed in Principle: Communications
Name of Event:
Please give an event description below or attach a full programme of events:
-----FOR OFFICE USE ONLY---Event Organiser’s Contact Details:
School/Service/Department/Organisation Name:
Contact Name:
Date of application:
‘in Principle’ Permission to Proceed (Email attachment from required person is acceptable)
Important: This only gives permission to proceed in principle. You are still required to carry
out the full event procedure This
includes undertaking any required risk assessments in liaison with your H&S
Manager/Coordinator and gaining local final authorisation.