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College Newsletter
19th August, 2014
Issue No: 13
Important Dates To Remember
Friday 29th August
Friday 29th August
Monday 1st September
Thursday 4th September
Thursday 4th September
Monday 8th – Thursday 18th September
Tuesday 9th September
Wednesday 17th September
Wednesday 17th September
Prep - 4 Maths Day.
Book Club Orders Due.
Last Day to pay for Swimming.
Father’s Day Stall.
VET Hospitality & VET Music Supper Club 7.00 pm Performing
Arts Centre.
Prep – 4 Swimming Program.
First Aid Training for staff: School finishes at 1.30 pm.
Students dismissed at 1.00 pm.
Parent Teacher Interviews 2.00 pm – 7.00 pm.
This week our College is undergoing a special ‘Review’
of its curriculum and operations. The Review is being
conducted by Mr Peter Gannon and Mr Chris
Wardlaw. Both reviewers are highly experienced
educators. During their time at our College they will
be meeting with school leaders, teaching staff,
student leaders, support staff and School Councillors.
At the conclusion of their visit the reviewers will
prepare a report which will go to the Education
Department. Their report will form the basis of the
College’s new Strategic Plan for the next four years.
Our new gym will be in full operation for the first time
this week.
Physical Education classes will be
timetabled to use the new gym each week. In
addition the new gym has two classrooms which will
also be scheduled for classes each week. Now that
the gym and change-rooms are ready for use all
students in Years 7 to 12 are required to bring along
their sports uniform to change into for P.E. lessons.
Whilst the new gym was being built it was not
compulsory for students to wear their sports uniform
for P.E. classes. This now changes with the new gym
and new change-rooms. In a couple of weeks’ time
we will have our first College Assembly for almost two
years. Families will be most welcome to attend.
Over the past couple of weeks the operators of the
bus which takes students, from Altona and Tarneit
areas, to and from school, have complained about the
behaviour of some students whilst travelling on the
bus. This includes arguing with the driver when being
directed to use their Myki, not remaining in a seat
whilst travelling and not treating other travellers with
respect. Our College has a very clear expectation that
all bus travellers must show respect and behave
responsibly at all times whilst travelling to and from
school. All students must travel on the bus with a
valid Myki and must touch on and off each journey. If
a student is in breach of College expectation and the
rules of the bus company they may find they are not
permitted to travel on the bus. They will also face
College consequences for inappropriate behaviour
and possibly a fine from Public Transport of Victoria.
All families are requested to remind their children that
it is important to behave responsibly at all times both
at school and whilst travelling to and from school.
The Western English Language School campus is now
in operation at our College. The campus is set up in
the College Language Centre (CLC) and is run by Nick,
a teacher from WELS. Nick is teaching intensive
English to the new arrival / refugee students.
Thank you to those families who completed this year’s
Parent Opinion Survey and returned it to the College.
The surveys have been sent off to the company who
processes them on behalf of the Education
Department. The results of the survey will be given to
the College in a couple of months’ time.
We currently have an Exchange Student from Italy
attending Laverton P – 12 College Year 11.
Unfortunately, the accommodation he was staying in
is not continuing. His name is Francesco and he is
looking for a new host family. He will be requiring
accommodation until the end of November 2014. He
will also be going on a holiday to Queensland during
the September School Holidays.
It was great to hear that the Year 5/6 camp to Echuca
last week was a great success. For many of the
students the camp provided a range of new
experiences and adventures. A very big thank you to
all staff who attended the camp. A special thank you
to Sarah Capri, who put many hours into organising
the itinerary, the accommodation and the camp
If anyone is interested in hosting the exchange
student, or for more information, please phone the
Exchange Program Coordinator Sid on 0425 864 391.
To ensure that all passengers pay their fair share,
we've increased the number of Authorised Officers,
installed new Myki barrier gates at stations and
introduced new On-the-spot Penalty Fares to enable
more ticket checks, more often. From Sunday, 10
August 2014, passengers without a valid Myki may be
given the option of paying an On-the-spot Penalty Fare
of $75. The best option for passengers is to ensure
they always travel with a valid Myki.
Parent Teacher interviews will once again be held this
term. They are scheduled for the last Wednesday of
the term, Wednesday 17th September. In line with our
College processes families will have the opportunity to
book their interviews on the internet themselves or to
fill in the form and send it back to school for our office
staff to book the interview times.
Have a great week
Neil Sproal
College Principal
1. No dogs are permitted in the school grounds
at any time.
2. Laverton P – 12 College car parks are
designated for staff parking only.
3. Parents and visitors to the school are
requested to avoid smoking in the vicinity of
the school. Smoking is not permitted in the
school grounds.
4. All visitors are asked to report to the main
College office before proceeding to a Learning
5. Students are not permitted to use mobile
phones whilst at school. Phones will be
confiscated. Families wishing to make contact
with their son or daughter during the day
should phone the college office for assistance.
6. Laverton P – 12 College expects all students to
follow our ‘Respectful Behaviour / Respectful
Language’ Policy every day whilst at school
and going to and from school.
Public Transport Victoria (PVT) has provided the
following information.
To avoid receiving a fine, it is a good idea to register
your Myki Card. The benefits of registering the Myki
 Balance protection,
 Auto top up,
 Manage your account online or via the call
 Travel and transaction history,
 You don’t have to carry cash.
For further information visit
A father’s day stall will be held for the Prep to Year 6
students on Thursday 4th September. A variety of
gifts will be available for purchase. Prices range from
$2 - $10.
9 – 12 NEWS:
Music and Food will be provided by the VET
Hospitality and VET Music students.
When: Thursday 4th September from 7.00 pm
Where: Laverton P – 12 College,
Performing Arts Centre,
Supper provided and live music
year old brother. To survive, Darren and his brother
resorted to selling drugs to make sure they had
enough money to survive.
RSVP by Monday 25 August by phone 93691833 or
email [email protected]
Another was Rebecca, a teen that had to leave home
because of domestic violence. Her Father would get
into a lot of fights and arguments with people, and
sometimes with her Mother. Her Mother wasn’t really
bothered when the Father would get into fights, as
long as it wasn’t herself being attacked. Rebecca had
enough and decided it was best for her to run away
from home.
Once again this year, the Year 9 Martial Arts class
were welcomed into the dining area for a healthy
buffet breakfast. A big thank you to Joy for putting on
the breakfast for us, we look forward to making more
things in the coming semester.
While only 6% of homeless people, ‘sleep rough’, the
other 94% of homeless people would be, ‘couch
surfing’ or stay with family and friends, etc.
The Salvation Army also provide many other services
such as age care, disaster relief, disability and asylum
seeker support, court and prison services, mental
health care and out of home care.
Above is a photo of a location where man named,
Dan, once ‘slept rough’. Report by Shane C
On the 11th August 2014, VCAL classes visited a
Salvation Army School Program as one of areas of
study in Personal Development Units 2 & 4. On the
excursion we were taken to three places that
homeless people usually sleep, and told a story about
people who once did sleep there. The three locations
were an ally way, an old tram shelter (which is now
fenced up), and a nearby park.
We were given many statistics and facts regarding
homelessness and the Salvation Army such as,
 The max MCG capacity being close to the
amount of people who are homeless.
 Homelessness can quite often lead to mental
health issues.
 Worldwide the Salvation Army needs 300
million dollars to run effectively.
We were also shown the stories of some people who
fell into homelessness. One was Darren, a kid who
was abandoned at the age of eight along with his 14
This excursion was a very special and life changing
experience, I learnt a lot about homeless people and
how Salvation Army has helped a lot of people getting
back on their feet from being homeless.
Report by Mitchell Laaina.
It was a great learning experience; I learnt about the
different services the Salvos offers the homeless. I also
learnt that they are a Christian Church founded in
London in the 1800. Facts that we learnt were that
there are around 105,000 homeless people living in
Australia at the moment; 40% are under the age of 25
Report by Wairata
5 – 8 NEWS:
 Long sleeved skivvies cannot be worn under the
short sleeved polo tops. The students should wear
their school windcheater or jumper in this case.
 Uniforms are often dirty, torn or cut and in poor
repair. Pride in their appearance reflects in pride
in their work.
 Shoes must be plain black and the laces should also
be plain black.
As part of National Literacy and Numeracy week,
there will be a Maths Day in the Prep - 4 Community
on Friday 29th August.
Children will take part in a fun filled day of open
ended maths activities involving art and construction.
The day will be finished with an assembly celebration.
Parents are very welcome from 2.20 pm.
Our 5/6 Echuca camp was a huge success! We had an
amazing adventure with 40 of our students, who
experienced life in the country and developed their
skills in teamwork and independence. Each student’s
positive attitude, participation and behaviour was
outstanding. We had comments from camp staff,
locals and even public transport commuters about
how considerate and polite our students were on our
trip! Well done to all, we will have more information
about our camp in the next newsletter.
There will be prizes and competitions! The aim of the
day is to see maths in a variety of real life fun
activities. (See attached note)
As we have expanded the teaching areas in the Years
3 and 4 Area, the Prep - 4 assembly will now be held in
the red room (In the Grade 1 and 2 areas).
Assemblies will commence once the new Hall is
The Prep - 4 Community will be running a swimming
program for interested students in the last nine days
of term – 8th September until 18th September.
A plain navy blue beanie may be worn this term.
Windcheaters must not have a hood on them. Plain
black runners are recommended for everyday wear
but if wearing black leather school shoes please bring
a pair of runners to change into for sport.
Permission notes have been sent home and the last
day for payment is 1st September. NO late payments
will be accepted.
It has been noticed that students in the Prep – 4
Learning Community are not coming dressed in the
correct uniform combinations.
 In Winter the girls may wear tunics OR track suit
pants and windcheaters or jumpers for the cold
 They should be coming with school windcheaters
or jumpers in cold weather. Some children are
arriving in just the polo top.
 No leggings should be worn under dresses. If the
student is cold they should wear track suit pants.
If your child cannot participate in sport or has a
medical reason (i.e broken arm etc.) we need a note
advising the reason and the length of time the student
will not be able to participate (sport/running around
The student will then be issued with a “Sport Alert” or
“Medical Alert” badge which they will wear while at
school. They must collect it before school and at the
end of the day return it to the Prep - 4 office.
If your child suffers from asthma they must have an
medication/puffer/spacer handed into the Prep - 4
office for use at school.
Breakfast club is held between 8.15
am - 8.45 am. Children will be able to
get extra toast or raisin bread before
school each morning.
maths costume! There will also be prizes for the
creative solutions to the problems posed during the
day. Parents are invited to come at this time so they
can see what was created during the Maths Lessons as
Please note that this is not an out of uniform day.
Students who do not wear a maths costume will need
to come in school uniform.
It is important that students wear the correct shoes
for participating in sport (i.e. runners) so that they do
not injure themselves. Runners can be brought along
in their bag and changed into before the sport class.
At the end of sport the students can put their school
shoes back on.
Every Tuesday morning the Attendance
Trophy will be awarded to the class with the
best attendance for the previous week.
Winner of Week 3 – Grade 4CG
Winner of week 4 – Grade P/1AR.
If you have changed your phone number or address
please notify the office of the changes. We need to
have correct phone numbers in case of emergencies.
Jan Scott
Principal Prep - 4 Community
We look forward to seeing all Prep - 4 students and
teachers dressed to the nines!!!
Chris Gauci
Community Notices:
29th September - 2nd October 2014.
VU Sports Camps are for children 6 to 15 years of age
and conducted at the Footscray Park campus of
Victoria University.
Our week long camps offer the
following sports camps:
 Multi-Sport Junior
 Multi-Sport Intermediate
 Multi-Sport Senior
To register is easy! Download our brochure and
registration form and return it to us by post or email
As part of the National Literacy and Numeracy Week
celebrations, the Prep-4 Community will be having a
Fun Maths Day on Friday August 29th.
There will be 4 lessons of Maths that day where
students are challenged with maths concepts to
encourage their problem solving and cooperative
group work skills.
To help celebrate this day we are asking that students
in the Prep – 4 come dressed in a maths costume.
Students can dress as their favourite number, pattern,
maths symbol etc. Be creative!
There will be prizes given at the special Maths Day
assembly (2.20 pm) for the most creative and best
Hip hop and Freestyle class for 10 - 18 year olds.
Sarah Fry
Woods Street Art Space
Wednesday afternoons from 4 – 6pm
August 20th & 27th.
September 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th
October 1st.
Sarah has most recently run the Poly Hip Hop Dance
group at the Wyndham Resource Centre. Her dance
and choreography experience is extensive. Sarah has
been an independent dance contractor since 2008 and
has worked with schools and studios including ‘You
Can dance Studio’ and the ‘West End Performing Arts

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