pg 108-109 – Possessive Nouns and Friendly/Business Letters
A) Rewrite each fragment using a possessive noun.
1. The class of Mrs. Johnson
2. The dogs of the girls
3. The cat of Katelyn
4. The pencils of the children
B) Copy the following sentences and phrases from letters.
Correct errors in punctuation and possessive nouns.
Omaha Nebraska
2. Dear Mr. Travis
3. One teachers camera was broken.
4. Will you come to this Mondays meeting?
5. Sincerely
C) Rewrite the letter below! Combine sentences with related
nouns and correct errors in capitalization and punctuation.
dear Coach Hall
I am a reporter for ESPN. I would like to interview your
quarterback eli manning. I would like to interview coach pelini. The
students can’t wait for the big game. The teachers can’t wait for the
big game. Please let ms. Grinvalds know if you will be able to be on the
program this thursday.
trisha aguilera
Quiz over capitalization and
singular, plural, common, & proper nouns!
-AGUILERADirections: Find the nouns in the sentences below. Label an “S”
above it if it’s singular. Label a “P” above it if it’s plural.
1. My cousins visited us for the holiday.
2. The dog let out a mournful cry when her owner left.
3. We placed the news item on the bulletin board.
Directions: Write each sentence. Draw one line under each
common noun. Draw two lines under each proper noun. Correct
mistakes in punctuation.
4. flowers grow along the highways in texas.
5. We walked down congress avenue and bought some postcards.
6. Next time we go to Austin, I will bring my camera.
Directions: Re-write the singular noun to make it plural.
boy = ___________________________
box = ___________________________
lunch = ________________________
memory = _____________________
+1 = Write the definition for a NOUN.
+1 = True/False = A COMMON NOUN names a particular person, place, thing, or idea. It
begins with a capital letter.
+1 = A _______________________________________names more than one person, place, thing,
or idea.

AGUILERA Rewrite each fragment using a possessive noun.