1415-189 – Adult Lifestyle and Health Improvement Programme
Joint Camden and Islington Tier 2 Adult Weight Management Service
Market Testing
The London Boroughs of Camden and Islington are carrying out a market engagement exercise on
the proposal to tender a joint Tier 2 Adult Weight Management Service contract to start on 1 April
2016. It is anticipated that the contract will be for an initial period of three years with the option for
two extensions of two years each. The total annual budget is anticipated to be £182,000 (50%
Camden and 50% Islington). The service will be wholly funded by Camden and Islington Public
The Councils wish to commission multiple organisations to deliver community based Tier 2 weight
management programmes in Camden and Islington, which would form part of an integrated
lifestyle service and work with a single point of access (that will be commissioned separately and
act as gateway to all lifestyle services).
The exact makeup of the single point of access will be developed based on the feedback received
through the market testing. However it is proposed that the single point of access would receive all
referrals for lifestyle programmes and triage into the most appropriate services, as well as
promoting the lifestyles services across the borough and coordinating a single centralised
database that all providers would be expected to input information into.
The Tier 2 adult weight management service will be a multi-provider, payment by results (PbR)
model. The eligibility criteria will be as follows, with reference to body mass index (BMI):
BMI ≥27.5 and ≤39.9 without co-morbidities
BMI ≥25 and ≤34.5 with co-morbidities
South Asian groups
BMI ≥25.5 and ≤37.4 without co-morbidities
BMI ≥22.5 and ≤32.0 with co-morbidities
All programmes will be required to be National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) compliant
multi-component services however, to ensure successful providers offer a range of sufficiently
different services the Tier 2 services will be categorised into three areas:
1. ≥50% of the time allocated to nutrition education
2. ≥50% of the time allocated to exercise
3. In reach into existing services
We are seeking expressions of interest from providers that might be interested in delivering this
Purpose of the service:
 To support participants to achieve and maintain weight loss (in line with NICE guidance)
beyond the end of the intervention though an evidence based weight management
 To contribute to preventing the development of and/or reduction in obesity- related illnesses
 To improve the knowledge and skills for effective and sustainable weight management,
including changes in behaviour in relation to physical activity and healthy eating among
participants, ensuring these changes can be embedded into everyday life
Before commencing the procurement process, the councils wish to undertake market sounding on
the process and therefore would welcome the views of providers on the questions set out below.
Organisations will have an opportunity to ask clarification questions on the service specification
once the procurement process is underway.
The total annual budget is anticipated to be £182,000 (50% Camden
and 50% Islington). Can you comment on the feasibility of a multiprovider model (max 3 providers) within this budget?
Service delivery
We intend to commission a full PbR contract. Payment will be made for
completers (70% attendance) and weight loss (>5% and 3-4.9%). How
do you think the payment should be split between these?
To improve outcomes on sustained weight loss, the proposed price
breakdown for weight loss will be paid at 12 weeks and then one
further payment based on outcome at either 6, 9 or 12 months post
completion. How do you think the payment should be split to best
incentivise sustained weight loss?
Are you delivering a Tier 2 Weight Management Service at present, if
so, what services are you delivering and how are these
Do you have any specific proposals/particular measures that should be
included within the service specification to:
a) target those in most need?
b) ensure long term sustainable behaviour change
(maintenance programme)?
What would you see as the key delivery challenges based on the
proposed service?
Would you propose any other changes to this service?
How would you ensure the service offers coverage across the two
At this stage, which category/categories (nutrition, exercise or
mobile/targeted) do you think you would be interested in bidding for
this contract?
With a maximum of three providers delivering the service, providers will
need to offer a sufficiently large capacity to meet an equal share of the
expected demand. What are your expected activity levels?
Single Point of
If outreach and promotion are carried out by the Single Point of Access
(SPA) service what impact might this have on the Adult Weight
Management (AWM) service?
This service may have some joint key performance indicators (KPIs)
with the SPA provider (e.g. follow up outcomes), what do you think will
be required for this service to work efficiently and effectively?
What proportion of your current staff is not paid above the London
Living Wage [currently £8.80; £9.15 per hour (pro-rata for part time
workers) with effect from 1 January 2015]?
Does your organisation have capacity to comply with Transfer of
Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (TUPE) regulations?
Do you have any further comments about the proposed procurement?
Would you be willing to meet with us to discuss your views about this
proposed procurement further?

Camden and Islington Integrated Lifestyle Service