Parallel Lines & Angle Relationships Project
Objective: To explore, analyze, and compare the relationships of
angles formed by two parallel lines, cut by a transversal.
You will create a booklet with one page for each angle relationship
listed below. You will write the special name of the angles, a
definition in your own words, and you need to indicate whether
they are congruent or supplementary when lines are parallel. You
will also draw a picture of parallel lines with at least one transversal,
and you must color the special angles for each page. Furthermore,
you need to write the name of the special angles colored.
Page 1: Cover Page (with your name, date, period and title)
Page 2: Corresponding Angles
Page 3: Alternate Interior Angles
Page 4: Alternate Exterior Angles
Page 5: Consecutive (Same-Side) Interior Angles
Page 6: Consecutive (Same-Side) Exterior Angles
Page 7: Vertical Angles
Page 8: Linear Pairs
This will count be a major grade. Five points will be lost for each day that
passed after the due date.
Due: 10/22 (3rd & 7th) 10/23 (2nd)
(Example Page)
Angle Relationship:
(picture here hand drawn or computer drawn & colored)
Definition: (in your own words)
List all ________________ angles from your picture above.
When lines are parallel, _____________________ are (choose
congruent or supplementary)

Parallel Lines & Angle Relationships Project