Skeleton found inside limestone sarcophagus in Amphipolis tomb
After months of excavations within the 4th century Amphipolis tomb in northern Greece human
remains have been discovered within a sarcophagus in a secret vault beneath the tombs 3rd
chamber. The vault was discovered earlier this month when archaeologists cleared away debris from
the floor of the chamber. The vault, measuring 4m by 2.1m was sealed with limestone. After
removing the limestone and digging down 1.6 meters, researchers discovered the limestone
sarcophagus, measuring 3.2 by 1.6 meters. Within there had once been a wooden coffin sealed with
iron and bronze nails. Bone and glass decorations and skeletal remains were found.
Project officer
For South Gloucestershire council
In Yate
Closes 30/11/2014
Phone 014548621175
Email [email protected]
To apply
Duration 3.5 years from 2015
Implement, run the project “A Forgotten Landscape”.
Form part of the team reporting to the Project Manager.
Responsible for delivery of projects set in the Landscape Conservation Action Plan.
Sit on relevant groups, managing projects, attending/running events, ensure projects are as
per the timetable.
Responsible for drawing up tenders, placing contracts, ensuring following of the protocol,
arranging access/any consents/planning permissions.
Report to Partnership Board, form part of Project Steering Group.
Liaise with Case Officer and Monitor.
Divers prosecuted for keeping wreck salvage
Two divers have been hauled into court after failing to declare £250,000-worth of historic treasure
they plundered from shipwrecks. Edward Huzzey, 55, and David Knight, 52, dived seven miles off the
coast of Dover, Kent, to salvage the valuables from nine submerged vessels, dating back over 200
years. They used explosives and professional cutting equipment to free material from one vessel
carrying East India Company cargo in 1807. Over 13 years, they also raided German 'U-8', 'UC-64',
'UB-40' submarines from the First World War. But they failed to inform the Maritime and Coastal
Agency’s Receiver of Wrecks about any finds.

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