Limestone Formation

Aim: to examine the characteristics
of limestone scenery
Limestone Pavement
But……………. a lot of
limestone scenery is
Goredale Scar – a limetone gorge
(near Malham, Yorkshire)
Swallow Hole
Rivers disappear
Resurgence of a river at the base of
a limestone cliff (Vaucluse in France)
Limestone Scenery
Limestone is made up of CalciumCarbonate. It is a
sedimentary/igneous rock. It was laid down in layers on dry
land/the sea bed. The junctions between the layers are called
cracks/bedding planes. Weaknesses in the layers of limestone
are called joints/joins. Limestone is a(n) permeable/impermeable
rock. This means water cannot/can pass through it. Rainwater is
slightly acid/alkaline so it slowly dissolves the limestone where it is
weak/strong along the joints.
PS. This is task 3 on your worksheet
Now do Task 1(on the separate sheet). You will
need to use the book Page 29. You can choose
any 2 colours you like. Don’t forget to write the
names on!
Task 2 – copy the labels on to your diagram.
Use Page 30 to help you.
Colour in the diagram.
Stick it in your book
Done all that??????????? So now do the extension – use
the book Pages 30-31
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