Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program 2015 Course

Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program 2015
The Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program is supported by the Carnegie Corporation of
New York to bring back experts of African descent living in the U.S. and Canada, to share their
knowledge and expertise in select African Universities.
Under this program the Chemistry Department, Makerere University is privileged to host
Professor Peter Nkedi-Kizza, a renowned soil physicist from the University of Florida, U.S.A.
Professor Nkedi-Kizza has expertise in soil physics and management, fate and transport of
pesticides in the environment, and in modeling. He will spend three months at Makerere
University collaborating with a group of Lecturers from Makerere, developing a course that will
be taught to local and regional graduate students.
The interactions of Graduate students with Professor Nkedi-Kizza over such a relatively long
period may be invaluable in shaping their future research programs and in enriching their
graduate experiences.
Course Title: Fate and Transport of Agrochemicals Used for Crop Production in Lake Victoria
June 15 – July 31, 2015.
Department of Chemistry, Makerere University Kampala.
Free (Limited Slots available, first come first serve basis).
Dr. Gabriel Kasozi, Department of Chemistry, Makerere University Kampala.
Certificate of Participation.
Course activities and outline:
 Survey of pesticides and fertilizers imported into Uganda and used on selected crops
 Elemental cycles (C, N, P, and K)
 Sorption kinetics and equilibria: Kinetics models and equilibria models.
 Environmental pesticide transformation: Degradation pathways and Models.
 Experimental design and laboratory analysis of pesticides.
 The Solvophobic theory: Use of mixed solvents for extraction and analysis of strongly
hydrophobic organic chemicals - sorption on container walls and instruments’ liners.
 Theory and principles of Extraction, cleanup and analysis of pesticides using HPLC, GC
and GC-MS.
 Process oriented modeling of agrochemicals in the environment.
*** Mode of delivery: Lectures and Laboratory experiments ***
Project Objectives:
 To develop curriculum for a cross-cutting course to be taught to graduate students from
Chemistry, Agriculture, Material Sciences Engineering and Environmental Sciences.
 To develop research collaboration between the University of Florida and Makerere
 To train Graduate student in studies related to the fate and transport of agrochemicals
used for the production of Ugandan cash crops.
Project Impact:
 The engagement of graduate students from Makerere University and other Universities in
the region with Professor Nkedi-Kizza will help them acquire knowledge and skills,
which knowledge is expected to reshape their graduate research.
 The curriculum of the developed course will be submitted to the University council for
approval and inclusion in the regular graduate courses taught at Makerere University and
other interested regional universities may replicate the course.
Research Forum – Paper Contest:
During the course, graduate students will have an opportunity to present their research in a forum
meant to honor the Late Professors Bernard T. Kiremire, R.I.P (Makerere University Kampala)
and Henry Kishimba, R.I.P (University of Dar es Salaam) for their enormous contribution in the
field of pesticides analysis. Presentations will be 15 min and presenters will compete among
their peers for 3 awards: First Place US$ 250, Second Place US$ 150 and Third Place US$
100, plus a certificate of recognition.
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