February Feature Artist ANNE CARTER and the “IT’S THE
LIGHT!” Exhibit at City Lights Art Gallery
City Lights Art Gallery, 3 E. Army Street, Henderson, NV presents the fabulous
photography of Anne Carter in her “IT’S THE LIGHT!” Exhibit during the month
of February, with a Meet the Artist reception on Sunday, February 8th from 14 pm.
From east coast to west, Anne has specialized in capturing that special instant
when the sun catches an object to make a magic moment. Since her first Brownie
Hawkeye when she was twelve years old to the digital photography world we live
in today, Anne is fascinated by the beauty and light around us. The glory of
autumn, the majesty of a weathered barn can evoke that nostalgic sense of
countryside. Flowers and Native American Rock Art offer their own appeal.
Whatever the subject matter, she appreciates having total control of the process
from the release of the shutter to the final print.
Anne is a long time member of City Lights Artists’ Co-op as well as Boulder City
Art Guild, the Nevada Camera Club, The Nevada Rock Art Foundation, the
American Rock Art Research Association and the Utah Rock Art Research
The crispness and clarity of images make her work stunning. Please put City
Lights on your calendar to see Anne’s display! The general public is invited to a
Meet the Artists reception on Sunday, February 8th beginning at 1 pm at City
Lights Art Gallery.
Art Classes in watercolor, acrylic, abstract water media and oil are currently being offered! Aspiring
artists or those simply looking to refresh their skills are welcome.
The Co-op is actively seeking new members. Please check our website for details.
Established in 2003, City Lights Artists’ Co-op is now a non-profit 501(c) 3 entity. We fund scholarships
and mini-grants awarded to local students with aspirations in the world of art. Tax-deductible donations
are accepted.
3 E Army St, Henderson NV 89015
Tel: 702.260.0300
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @CityLights_Gal

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