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C-2 Class Spelling Contract
Spelling Pattern of the Week: Sophisticated Homonyms
Many words have similar sound patterns. Our word choice conveys a particular meaning. When words sound the same,
it is important to understand which word is being used or the speaker/author’s meaning may become confusing or lost.
You will be responsible for the word spelling, as well as its meaning.
Read the choices below to decide what activities you would like to complete. You may choose any combination of
activities as long as they add up to 100 points or more and all of your spelling words are used at least once.
Work may be completed digitally, by creating a page at the Padlet website, using an app such as Sticky Board, or other
appropriate digital tool, or created on paper. Include the point value at the bottom of each activity you turn complete.
Completed work is to be turned in digitally by emailing a link to [email protected] , or as a hard copy to Mrs.
Crady. Spelling Contracts are due Friday, 10/23/15, and no later! If you have any questions, please speak with me
before school, or email me your questions at [email protected] . Be creative and have fun!
*Some activities will require a parent to send a note saying work was completed.
25 Point Activities
____ I Spy: Draw a picture related to six different spelling words’ meaning and hide your spelling words inside the
____ Create a Spelling Cube using and illustrating six of your spelling words.
____ Make an acrostic for six of your words. The words you choose for each letter should be related to the word written
____ Visit Spelling City and complete one activity.
50 Point Activities
____ Categorize ten of your spelling words for the week, sorting them according to whether they are nouns, verbs, or
____ Make a picture dictionary using ten of your words: Make a book out of paper, or digitally. Each page can show all
the words that go with that letter, an illustration, and a definition. You may also choose to use a different page for each
word. Be sure you have done all your words in the correct ABC order.
_____ Type a sentence correctly using each word from your word list. Each sentence must be in a different font.
75 Point Activities
____ Write a poem using 1/2 of your words in your best cursive handwriting. Give it a title and illustrate it.
____ Write a T.V. commercial for your favorite toy. Use at least 1/2 of the spelling words and be able to perform it for
the class.
____ Create a product on a poster you would like to sell and use 1/2 of your spelling words to advertise it. Your poster
must include the product, name, illustration, and cost. Be creative and be ready to share.
____ Pretend you are a news anchor, weather person, or reporter. Using your spelling words, write a report.
____ Create a comic strip and write captions using your words. Underline your words.
____ Create riddles for each spelling word so that the spelling word is the answer.
This is a contract that we will all sign. By signing this contract, you are agreeing to do work each week with your spelling
words that equal 100 points. Contract work is due Friday 10/23/15. You will need to attach the contract to your
completed homework, or email as an attachment. (If you have an idea for the spelling contract, let me know). Have
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Teacher Signature: Nora
1. lute: concrete noun, a pear-shaped stringed musical instrument
a. The minstrel played a lute at the fair.
2. loot: concrete noun, treasures, valuables
a. The pirate kept his stolen loot in a treasure chest.
3. cruise: abstract noun, to sail on water or move a vehicle leisurely
a. Our luxurious ship will cruise slowly across the sea.
4. crews: concrete noun, groups of people working together
a. The crews work together building huge ships.
5. foul: adjective, offensive to the senses
a. The rotten garbage emitted a foul odor---I wish someone would take it out to the dumpster.
6. fowl: concrete noun, birds that can be eaten
a. Chicken and other fowl are raised for food all over the world.
7. course: noun, class or plan of study
a. I like my science course in school, especially the experiments.
8. coarse: adjective, rough, harsh, or rude
a. The fabric was coarse and scratchy, giving me a rash.
9. bridal: adjective, pertaining to a wedding ceremony
a. I bought my bridal gown to wear in my wedding.
10. bridle: concrete noun, a head harness for guiding a horse
a. Pull the reins of a horse's bridle to let the horse know you want it to stop.
11. sari: concrete noun, a garment worn by Hindu women
a. She wore a colorful sari made of silk wrapped around her.
12. sorry: abstract noun, feeling regret
a. I am sorry I hurt your feelings. I did not mean to do it.
13. waver: verb, to fluctuate or change, move gently
a. Her voice will crack and waver if she feels sad and begins to cry.
14. waiver: noun, written letter giving up a right
a. When my son played Little League, I signed a waiver releasing his coach from responsibility for injuries.
15. hostel: concrete noun, cheap place to sleep for traveling youth
a. Motorcycle adventurists and student backpackers sleep in hostels all over the world.
16. hostile: adjective, characterized by violence and unfriendliness
a. The hostile man shook his fists angrily when told that the store was out of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
17. hue: abstract noun, a color or shade
a. The pink flower has a pale rosy hue.
18. hew: verb, hit, cut or shape with an axe
a. Matt and his father had to hew logs in order to build the log cabin before winter.
19. insight: abstract noun, ability to know truths that are not obvious
a. I had no insight as to why he was so angry, the store still had chewy chocolate chip cookies.
20. incite: verb, to urge or move to action
a. The provocative speaker will incite a riot to ensure the store orders more Krispy Kreme doughnuts..

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