Math 11 – Course Outline 2015 – 2016

Math 11 – Course Outline
2015 – 2016
Teacher: Mrs. Sarah McDaniel
School: Cape Breton Highlands Academy
Semester: Semester 1 (September – January)
Course Outline:
Mathematics is more than just a collection of concepts and skills to be mastered; it includes
methods of investigating and reasoning, means of communication, and notions of context.
New technology has made calculations and graphing easier, and it has changed the very nature
of the problems important to mathematics and the methods mathematicians use to investigate
them. Because technology is changing mathematics and its uses, students should learn to use
graphing calculators and computers as tools for processing information and performing
calculations to investigate and solve problems.
General curriculum outcomes are overarching statements about what students are expected to
learn in each strand/sub-strand. The GCO for each strand/sub-strand is the same throughout
the students’ secondary school career.
Measurement (M)
Students will be expected to develop spatial sense and proportional reasoning.
Geometry (G)
Students will be expected to develop spatial sense.
Logical Reasoning (LR)
Students will be expected to develop logical reasoning.
Statistics (S)
Students will be expected to develop statistical reasoning.
Relations and Functions (RF)
Students will be expected to develop algebraic and graphical reasoning through the study of
In the interest of time in a semester course, and to ensure that all curriculum outcomes are
met, test dates have already been determined. Students are to keep on top of their work and
be prepared for these tests as planned. Dates are subject to change, but every attempt will be
made to keep them as planned. Please keep these dates in mind and ensure that you are in
attendance on test days.
September 17 – Test: Inductive and Deductive Reasoning (LR)
October 2 – Test: Properties of Angles and Triangles (G)
October 30 – Test: Acute and Oblique Triangle Trigonometry (G)
November 18 – Test: Statistical Reasoning (S)
December 1 – Test: Systems of Linear Equations (RF)
December 17 – Test: Quadratic Functions and Equations (RF)
January 18 – Proportional Reasoning (M)
January 25 – 29 – Exam
Required Materials:
Students are required to be prepared and organized for class at all times. Students may choose
how they would like to keep and organize their notes and work, but they should have some
loose leaf at all times if work is asked to be handed in. Students will be required to do all work
in pencil. Therefore, it is important for each student to also have their own erasers. A ruler is
required, and one that is 30cm in length is recommended. Students do not have to have their
own graphing calculators as the school has a set which students can use, however if students
would like to purchase their own, they are free to do so. It is the student’s responsibility to
take care of school calculators and return them at the end of the year, or pay for a
replacement. Furthermore, it is the student’s responsibility to replace the calculator with new
batteries (4 AAA) when needed.
Students will be evaluated formally and informally through tests, quizzes, submitted work and
class work. Below is the breakdown of assessments. There will be a quiz every Friday (or the
last day of the week). Notebooks will be collected periodically.
 Exam = 25%
 Tests = 35%
 Quizzes = 25%
 Notebook/Assignments = 15%
Class Expectations:
All class expectations stem from respect. Students are expected to respect themselves, the
teacher, their classmates and classroom materials.
 Be respectful
 Be on time, prepared and organized
 Have a positive attitude
 Be patient
 Be responsible and mature
 Always try
 Be proud of your accomplishments
 Ask for help
Missed Classes:
If a student misses a class, it is his or her responsibility to catch up on the work missed. If a
student is absent on the due date of a presentation or project, he or she is expected to send the
work via email. If a student is absent for a test or quiz, he or she is expected to write the
assessment on his or her first day back. By following the steps below, any student should be
able to catch up on missed work.
 Contact a classmate
 Check “Strait Up” and your school email
 Email Mrs. McDaniel right away if you have any questions ([email protected])
 Get any materials missed as soon as you return IF they cannot be sent via email
 Take responsibility for your own learning
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