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What are the risks?
Most of the time the biopsy is
Things to bring with you:
quick and does not pose any
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problems. Sometimes there is
Change of clothes
some pain in the right shoulder.
near the operation area. Very
rarely a serious complication can
blood vessel or bile duct which
Your medication
causes bleeding and this may
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Bruising and swelling may occur
happen if the needle pricks a
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require a another operation .
The risk of this though is 1 in
500 people.
Helpful Information
If you can make your own arrangements this is
the most helpful, if not and you have been
referred by a GP or clinic or you usually have
an ambulance then contact your GP’s Surgery
or contact us on 0800 0800 0800.
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January 2013
A quick guide –
What is a liver biopsy?
What happens?
What are the risks?
From Greek:
Bio = Life
Opsia = To See
Step 1 – On the day of your operation you must
not eat or drink.
To See Life!
A biopsy is a medical test
Step 2 – A Nurse will prepare you for the
operation and ask you to lie on a bed resting on
your back.
commonly performed by a
surgeon that involves taking a
sample of cells or tissues for
examination under a microscope.
Step 3 – The Doctor will clean your skin and
apply a local anaesthetic to numb your skin. The
Doctor will also tell you how to breathe.
Step 4 – A special needle is inserted into and out
of your liver, this only takes a couple of
A biopsy has been asked for because
your Doctor believes this will help you
to get better.
So What Happens Next?
You will be given
leaflets to read or have your carer read
to you explaining what will happen
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Step 5 – A plaster will be applied and you will
be asked to lie on your right side to keep the
pressure on your wound, you need to rest for 6
hours. A Nurse will monitor you regularly
during this time.
Step 6 – You may experience pain or discomfort
during or after the biopsy, this can be in the
stomach, chest or right shoulder, this is usually
temporary and medication can be given to help
Step 7 – Once you have recovered you will
usually be allowed home or have someone
escort you home. You will also be given a
discharge information sheet and a contact
The biopsy results will be discussed with you
when complete.
The Operation

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