Title of book:
Publication Date:
Things to Include in your notes:
1. Characters – analyze their traits and give evidence from the text to support your
2. Setting – Explain the places and times where your story takes place. Give text evidence
to show these.
3. Figurative Language – When you find really cool fig. language examples, copy them
down, tell what kind of fig. language they are, explain what they mean, and give the
page # you found them on
4. Plot summary – You should keep bulleted notes of the important events that take place
in your story
5. Conflict and Resolution – Keep notes on the problems your main characters are facing
and the steps they take to fix these problems
6. Theme – Take notes on story events that give evidence of the theme of the story. Don’t
forget to copy the textual evidence and write the page numbers down
7. Symbolism – Take notes on objects, colors, and other things that you think are meant to
represent something else. For example: Our American Flag is a symbol of freedom and
8. You can also keep notes on your opinion of the story. If you really like a certain part in
the story or quotes from characters that mean something to you.
Character’s Name:
Character’s Physical Appearance
Textual evidence and page #
Character’s Personality Traits Story Events that show this
Textual evidence and page #
Character’s Personality Traits Story Events that show this
Textual evidence and page #
Setting (places or time
periods where the story
takes place)
What the text says
(page # too)
Why is it important to the
story or plot line?
Copy the figurative
language you found.
What type is of fig.
language is it?
What does it really
mean or why is it
being used.
What page did you
find it on?
Possible themes
Events that show this
Textual Evidence
Important plot events to help you write your summary
Page #’s or chapters
that these events take
place on
Major problems that the main characters are
Ways that they solve these problems
Items that may show
(stand for or represent
something else)
What do you think the
author wants them to
Textual Evidence
(Include the page #)
Excerpt or event that you really like or dislike
Why do you like it or dislike it?