Morisset Public School
Terrigal Street
Morisset NSW
Dear Families,
Phone: 4973 1435
Fax: 4970 5939
Email: [email protected]
We are delighted to announce that your child will be part of our wonderful K/1C class with
Miss Clapham.
This term will be our first exciting and busy term as we will be participating in:
 establishing routines for school and home,
 learning how to get along with each other,
 learning how to talk to the class during news time,
 computer literacy lessons and Library with Mrs Johnson,
 Gymnastics, starting next week (Week 3).
 Home Reading, Sight Word and Number practice will commence in Week 5.
In-class Programs
 Literacy will incorporate L3 (Language, Literacy and Learning, encompassing reading,
writing and talking and listening) and Numeracy,Targeting Early Numeracy (TEN)
Number activities.
 ‘Our School’- Integrated H.S.I.E unit aimed at establishing a smooth transition school
life for our Kindergarten.
 ‘Staying Alive’ – Science unit provides opportunities for students to investigate the
basic needs for survival of animals, including humans, and how their senses help them
stay alive. Through investigations, students will explore the needs of a class pet and
compare them to their own needs and start designing and developing our own class
 ‘You Can Do It’- students will undertake activities involving the five keys to success.
This program will relate to Kindergarten and Stage One outcomes and will sequentially
follow the whole school sequence. Our school focus will start with ‘Getting Along’.
 Sport – we will be based on fundamental movements to develop students’ gross motor
 Creative Arts this term will aim to further develop your child’s individual creative
outlet. With drama activities, exploring different art forms and techniques and
movement activities.
K/1C Weekly Routines
 Home reader returned to school and a new reader taken home.
 New weekly homework given out and taken home.
 Home reader returned to school and a new reader taken home.
 Home reader returned to school to school and a new reader taken home.
 Home reader returned to school and a new reader taken home.
 Library and Technology with Mrs Johnson -Students will need to bring a library bag in
order to borrow a book.
 Gymnastics (you may wear your sports uniform if you wish)
 Home reader returned and a new reader taken home
 All homework returned to school
 Sport. Will need to wear sports uniform.
 Drumming lessons
 Scripture. A written note is required if you do not wish your child to attend Scripture.
It’s not OK to be away (Attendance Requirements)
If your child is absent you are expected to either send a note when they return to school or
ring the school on the day of absence. If a pattern of several absences, either whole days or
partial days is found your child may be referred to the School Attendance Committee or
Home School Liaison Officer. Absence for illness or injury for 3 days or more requires a
doctor’s certificate.
If you are going on an annual family vacation, your child has an infectious illness or an injury
which prevents them from attending school for more than 3 days you should fill in an
Attendance Exemption form. An exemption means that your child will not be recorded as
absent for the above reasons.
If your child has regular appointments for speech, physiotherapy, occupational therapy or an
ongoing illness you can also fill in an attendance exemption form.
Exemption forms are available at the front office. They cannot be back dated so please fill
in prior to the absence.
We would just like to remind you that we are nut free due to a number of
children who are anaphylactic. Thank you for not sending your child to
school with nuts and nut based products.
Thank you to those parents who have already sent in paint smocks as we are now collecting
them so that we can use them as needed. Please check in the 2015 Kindergarten Information
Booklet that was given out last year for other requirements that your child needs. Liquid
soap is now provided by the school so please only send in rolls of paper towels and boxes of
tissues. Thanks again to those parents who have already sent these in.
We love to celebrate birthdays at school. If you want your child to celebrate his/her
birthday at school, please send in cupcakes to share. This eliminates the need for a knife in
the classroom and less crumbs on the floor. Serviettes will be greatly appreciated as well. If
you don’t want your child to participate in birthday celebrations and/or eat cupcakes
provided, please advise us in writing. Thank you once again for your cooperation in these
If you have any concerns or wish to have an interview with either of us please ring the school
on 49731533. We will then be able to organise a time that suits both of us to talk without
If you want to pop in a say hi when you pick up your child please do, but if you wish to discuss
something in detail, an interview time will need to be allocated.
Thank you for taking the time to read this information. We look forward to getting to know
you and your child as the year progresses. We look forward to meeting with you this term to
discuss your child’s Best Start information and setting goals with your child.
Naomi Clapham
K/1C Class Teacher
Parent Helpers:
Once the students have settled into their daily routines, I will welcome any parent who
wishes to help within the classroom. If you are able to spare an hour or two during the week
please return this slip and I will contact you when K/1C students are ready.
I ________________________ parent / caregiver of __________________ is available
for these times;
(Circle available time/s)
Any other times you are available _______________________________________
Any special skills / talents you would like to bring to the classroom / school
Contact details