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Princess Maja receives “Shining World Hero Award” from Master Ching Hai
Hamburg, Germany - Her Highness Princess Maja von Hohenzollern of Germany is a modern day princess who has
her own jewelry line and leads a glamorous life as a TV host.
But Princess Maja also has a compassionate heart. She is an ambassador of the European Animal and Nature
Protection Association and works tirelessly to get animal welfare laws passed in the European Union. She says,
“At some time we really have to come to a basic solution that people simply understand from their hearts that
animals are part of the creation that they have a soul, and that people treat them with respect and love, just like
they treat children.”
Princess Maja, a vegetarian, also personally works to help any animals that she finds are in need. Not only has she
adopted 11 dogs and 3 cats of her own, she has saved the lives of hundreds of animals by finding them homes and
Her Royal Highness can now list the “Shining World Hero Award” amongst her many accomplishments. The
prestigious award, presented in Hamburg, Germany on July 28, 2011, was given to the Princess by Master Ching
Hai, a world renowned humanitarian, peacemaker, environmentalist, Amazon #1 best-selling author of many
books including The Noble Wilds, The Dogs in My Life, The Birds in My Life, and, spiritual
teacher, and acclaimed artist, who is recognized worldwide for her humanitarian outreach and global campaign to
establish peace and a winning climate change solution. She is also a television pioneer having started a
constructive global news station that broadcasts worldwide via satellite and Internet in an unprecedented 60
The award was given in recognition of her work for the animals. The award came with 10,000 euros to support
Princess Maja’s many campaigns to defend the rights of animal and for advocating for their legal protection.
In the letter included with the award plaque and cheque, Master Ching Hai wrote, “This Award is presented in
recognition of the ... courage You show by taking a public stance in defense of the fundamental rights of
humanity’s very precious animal co-inhabitants … With intelligence and charming gracefulness, You encourage…
the European Parliament, and all humanity to understand that animals, like us, have souls and are to be
In her acceptance speech HRH Princess Maja von Hohenzollern said, “Obviously, many people are still unaware of
the connection between animal welfare, ecology, world hunger, and meat consumption.” After the award
presentation, the Princess conveyed the following words to Master Ching Hai, “My heartfelt gratitude and also
really deep respect to Master Ching Hai. I am really glad that together we can make such a difference on this
After hearing of the HRH Princess Maja von Hohenzollern’s efforts to stop thousands of dogs from being exported
from Thailand to Vietnam where they are cruelly skinned alive before being sold as meat, Master Ching Hai
donated another USD $30,000 to Princess Maja’s organization. With the funds, the Princess organized a big spay
and neuter action in the region of Chiang Mai from the 17th to 26th of September, 2011. “We are overwhelmed
by Master Ching Hai’s willingness to help.”
Other recipients of the “Shining World Hero Award” include the organization Reporters Without Borders,
Chairman of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Dr. Rajendra Pauchari, NBA
star John Salley, and Dr. James Hansen of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies.
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Princess Maja receives Prestigious Award from