2014Dept3Goat - Sibley County Fair

Department 3-Dairy Goats
Send Entries to Supt. Mark Jaeger, 24759 631 st Ave., Gibbon
MN 55335, Prior to entry day of fair.
Premium: 1st 7.00 2nd 6.00 3rd 5.00
Class 1-Alpine
Class 2-Nubian
Class 3-Saanen
Class 4-La Mancha
Class 5-Toggenburg
Class 6-Recorded Grades
Class 7-Oberhasli
Class 8-Nigerian Dwarf
Class 9-Sable
Class 10-Grades
Base Dates
Jr. Doe Kid- April 1 to June 30, 2014
Sr. Doe Kid-Jan. 1 to Mar. 31, 2014
Dry Yearling Doe-Born in 2013
Milking Yearling Doe-Born in 2013
Milking 2 Year Old Doe-Born in 2012
Milking Doe 3 Years & Under 5 Years
Milking Doe 5 Years or Older
1. Junior Doe Kid
2. Senior Doe Kid
3. Does Never in Milk
4. Milking Yearling Doe
5. Milking 2 Yr. Old Doe
6. Milking 3 Yr. Old Doe
7.Milking 5 Yr. Old Doe
8. Milking 6+ Yr. Old Doe
9. Jr. Get of Sire-three does from Jr. Division, sired by one
buck. Sire must be named.
10. Sr. get of Sire-three does sired by one buck, from Sr.
division. Sire must be named.
11. Produce of Dam-two does any age, the produce of the
same dam. Dam must be named.
12. Mother/Daughter-Dam and Daughter, any age.
13. Breeders Trio- Three Does, any age, bred and owned by
14. Dairy Herd-four does, in milk all owned by same exhibitor
15. Miscellaneous class-Pygmy, Ancora, Kinder, etc.
16. Market Wether
17. Market Jr. Female
18. Market Sr. Female
19. Market Yearling
20. Nursing Doe
21. Market Dairy Wether