Job Description
Job title
BRC Sahel Regional Food Security & Livelihoods Delegate
Job band
Level 5
W&C Africa
Reporting to
Head of Region W&C Africa
Dakar, Senegal
Fixed term 2 years, from January
Last updated
August 2015
Scale and Scope
Accountability &
Decision Making
Between £500,000 to
£5,000,000 per annum, or up to
£10 million for emergency
response programmes
Currently no staff but may grow
to manage a team including:
> Programme Manager
> Technical Advisory delegates
> Programme Assistant
Material and physical assets
and resources within the
assigned country/ies
> Overall responsibility for all
Food Security activities in
the Sahel region except
> Strategic and Operational decision making authority and
accountability in relation to the relationship management with
partner, disaster and crisis response and programme delivery
within the assigned Countries.
> Accountable for the integrity and quality of the BRC presence,
partnership relationship with the NS, DM response and the
supported programme activities within the assigned Countries.
> Accountable for ensuring sound financial management, and
best use of BRC’s human and financial resources within the
assigned Countries.
> Accountable for the management of donor funding and
> Accountable for the performance of all BRC staff in the delivery
of the BRC supported disaster and crisis response and
programmes and for ensuring that the staffing resources are
adequate for that delivery.
> Accountable for ensuring adherence to organisational
BRC Job Description – Sahel Regional FSL Delegate
Reach & Impact
principles and values, and compliance with partnership
agreements within the assigned Countries.
Accountable, within the assigned Countries, for ensuring
compliance with legislation, security regulations, codes of
conduct, standards and internal policies and procedures
Accountable for the coherence and strategic fit of BRC’s
supported activities and presence within the assigned countries
Work with partner national societies to provide assistance to
respond to crisis and build the resilience of vulnerable
communities in the assigned Countries
Work with partner national societies within the assigned
Countries to understand organisational needs and contribute to
the development of the capacity of NS to act
Lead BRC’s response operations within the assigned Countries
Lead the development and implementation of Country level
Strategies aligned to the Regional Strategy.
Build and manage relationships with external stakeholders with
presence within the assigned Countries including institutional
donors and diplomatic representations
Contribute to development of and implementation of Regional
strategy as a member of the Regional management team
Strategically plan for and oversee the work of technical
advisors and other specialist colleagues in order to ensure the
technical quality of all programme delivery and support to
Work with Movement partners, including the IFRC, the ICRC,
and NSs to ensure effective coordination of support
Maintain an awareness of the role and technical capacities of
partner national societies in relation to Food Security and
Institutional context: British Red Cross
The British Red Cross (BRC) helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. We are part of a
global voluntary network, responding to conflicts, natural disasters and individual emergencies. We
enable vulnerable people in the UK and abroad to prepare for and withstand emergencies in their
own communities. And when the crisis is over, we help them to recover and move on with their lives.
We are part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the world’s largest
independent humanitarian network and are committed to, and bound by, its fundamental principles:
humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.
Operational context: The Sahel
With the advent of the annual lean season, in 2015 it became apparent that another silent food crisis
– predicted over the previous months – had afflicted the Sahel. The current crisis follows several
previous food security, nutrition and livelihoods crises – in particular those in 2005, 2008, 2010 and
BRC Job Description – Sahel Regional FSL Delegate
2012.1 In this context of cyclical hardship, people have no chance to fully bounce back from one
crisis before another bites; the most vulnerable finding themselves in a situation that continues to
Key donors such as ECHO and DEVCO, DFID and OFDA have or are reportedly set to provide large
structured longer term funding mechanisms to support humanitarian and development actors in
addressing the underlying causes of food insecurity and malnutrition, although at the time of writing
specific funding opportunities for resilience-building/livelihoods support were between funding cycles.
Despite repeat large-scale crises and associated responses amounting to years of working in this
area, the cyclic and inherent nature of the problem has not been reduced – and indeed continues to
worsen against a backdrop of continuing rainfall deficits and renewed spikes in conflict and violence.
Overall Purpose of the Post
BRC’s West and Central Africa Regional team completed a scoping of the Sahel region in July 2015,
summarised in a Strategic Operational Framework (SOF) which informs and guides BRC's approach
to supporting RCRC Movement strategy and activities concerning the predominantly cyclic and slow
onset food security and nutrition crisis affecting the ten countries across the Sahel region. 2
The Strategy recommends a two-track approach which includes both preparedness/response, and
resilience (based on long-term integrated food security, nutrition, livelihoods, WASH, and DRR
activities). While supporting response to acute needs – whether caused by disaster or
conflict/violence – remains an acknowledged priority, the SOF is particularly oriented towards
developing the capacity of Sahel RCRC National Societies to assess, plan and deliver longer-term,
more sustained, and predictable and preventive programming to deliver safe and sustainable
livelihoods and build the resilience of vulnerable populations.
The BRC Sahel Regional Food Security and Livelihoods Delegate will lead on developing and
delivering BRC’s strategic support to RCRC Movement preparedness/response and resilience in
relation to food insecurity and malnutrition at the regional level in the Sahel. Hosted by the
Senegalese Red Cross and based in Dakar, the post holder will be expected to travel widely and
frequently in the region.
The overall approach led by the Delegate will be based on working closely with and supporting the
capacity building of identified Sahel (Host) National Societies, in partnership and/or consortium with
operational and/or donor PNS present in the region. Key objectives within the overall purpose of the
post will be:
> To support research for and further elaboration of BRC’s food security, nutrition and livelihoods
strategic planning and activities in support of the RCRC Movement in the Sahel – with a
particular focus on embedding a genuine Twin Track approach which incorporates emergency
response to core needs and in particular a longer-term focus on building resilience and
sustainable livelihoods for those most vulnerable to repeat and cyclical food and nutrition
shocks in the region;
To adopting a more predictable, sustained and forward-thinking resilience-building strategy to
address chronic and cyclical food security, nutrition and livelihoods needs, in particular by
supporting the collaborative design and implementation of pilot projects oriented around
sustainable and innovative livelihoods protection, provisioning, restoration, strengthening and
diversification, including by sharing lessons learned from previous and current projects and
facilitating peer-to-peer learning amongst Sahel NS;
See the graphic here for a historical charting of annual crises and their drivers in the Sahel since 2005:
Cape Verde, Senegal, The Gambia, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad, Northeast Nigeria, and Northern Cameroon
BRC Job Description – Sahel Regional FSL Delegate
Develop relations with relevant key donors to identify and secure multi-year funding to further
support such initiatives;
Ensure appropriate and consistent collaboration and coordination of all activities with the IFRC
Sahel Regional Office and its FSNL strategy and activities to support an integrated and
complementary approach to the extent possible.
The post holder will report to the West & Central Africa Head of Region, with strategic and technical
support from the BRC Sahel Working Group and the BRC FSL Advisor aligned to the Sahel, and
administrative support from the BRC Senegal & Guinea Country Manager based in Dakar.
Main Duties and Responsibilities
1. Act as BRC focal point to ensure the provision of appropriate, targeted and high quality technical
food security, nutrition and livelihoods advice, support, training and capacity building to RCRC
Movement partners to support delivery of response and resilience programmes supporting
vulnerable communities in the Sahel; This will include support to programme response options
focusing on cash transfer programming, food assistance, livelihoods support activities and
market assessment (RAM & MAG);
2. Scope and support the delivery of high quality assessment, analysis and response options
design – and filling of key information gaps – to inform emergency response and supporting
resilience to acute food insecurity and malnutrition in the Sahel region;
3. Raise awareness and coordinate support for targeted response to acute food security, nutrition
and livelihoods needs – through IFRC Emergency Appeals, or other bilateral or consortium
modalities as appropriate;
4. Provide BRC technical oversight and support to the bilateral emergency cash for food and
livelihoods pilot project in north-eastern Senegal with Senegalese Red Cross, with a particular
focus on supporting timely and high quality implementation, monitoring, and evaluation and
documentation and sharing of key lessons learned;
5. Map and document examples of innovative and tested/best practice sustainable livelihoods
projects and strategies – both within and external to the RCRC in the Sahel – in order to identify
and develop appropriate ‘pilot project packages’ for specific contexts where targeted National
Societies would wish to work (e.g. nomadic herder; agro-pastoral, urban/peri-urban);
6. Building on the developing capacity within the Senegalese Red Cross and the recently
conducted NDRT FSNL & CTP trainings in Burkina Faso, Niger, Mauritania and The Gambia,
explore opportunities for developing projects in these contexts (consortium or other);
7. Adapt/design and deliver tailored in-depth livelihoods training and associated capacity building to
target National Societies to support their further engagement in livelihoods and resilience-based
8. Provide peer support, mentoring and advice to Sahel NS FSNL focal points, and to staff and
volunteers involved in supporting the delivery of FSNL and CTP programmes as required; and
support the developing of a pool of regional RCRC FSNL technical delegates/specialists who can
further support FSNL programming in the Sahel;
9. Increase awareness, advocate for and strengthen the capacity of Sahel NS to be able to deliver
FSNL programme objectives using cash transfers where appropriate and feasible, including
supporting NS to establish appropriate CTP preparedness, building necessary capacity in
programming and support service teams, driving analysis and understanding of the use of new
technology to support CTP, encouraging peer-to-peer learning from the Senegalese RC’s
participation in the IFRC CTP Preparedness pilot, and supporting key Sahel NS staff and
volunteers to attend relevant CTP trainings – in particular the RCRC’s new Practical Emergency
Cash Transfer (PECT) in-depth immersion training;
10. Attend (or represent the wider RCRC Movement if agreed with IFRC and SRC) at key regional
technical coordination forums, meetings and sector and technical working groups, further
BRC Job Description – Sahel Regional FSL Delegate
positioning the wider RCRC Movement as a key actor in the FSNL domain, and fostering close
relations with the relevant authorities and other FSNL operational agencies;
11. Support strategic positioning and alliance building with donors and other potential partners for
BRC, PNS, IFRC and partner NS, with a particular focus on those interested in funding
livelihoods and resilience activities;
12. Support information sharing regarding climate change issues for integration in food security,
nutrition and livelihoods programmes, including by working with and benefiting from the support
and analysis of the RC/RC Climate Centre;
13. Perform other work related duties and responsibilities as may reasonably be assigned by
14. Uphold the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and work
within the Society’s equal opportunities policy;
15. Ensure that programme activities are consistent with the Red Cross Red Crescent Code of
Conduct and at all times represent and uphold the Fundamental Principles of the RCRC
Person Specification
Job Title: Sahel Regional Food Security & Livelihoods Delegate
Band: 5
Post graduate level of vocational or technical qualification or equivalent
within a specialist technical or professional field relevant to the assigned
thematic area (or a first level degree combined with sufficient relevant
work experience)
RCM Basic Training Course / IMPACT Training Course – or equivalent
delegate training
Training and/or demonstrable experience in humanitarian and/or
development work in some or all of: food security, livelihoods,
HEA/Household Economic Security, and cash transfer programming**
Proven technical experience and project management in HEA/HES, food
security, livelihoods, and cash transfer programming**
Technical and project management experience in nutrition**
Experience in providing technical support to and/or in implementing food
security and livelihoods programmes in an international response,
recovery and development context**
Experience in market analysis/assessment and relevant tools
(RAM/MAG, EMMA etc.)**
Experience in designing and implementing vulnerability targeting
systems, including appropriate technical methodologies and criteria**
Relevant project management experience: assessing, designing,
planning, implementing, monitoring and financial management of FSL
projects in emergency and (early) recovery contexts**
Experience in drafting project proposals, preparing budgets and drafting
narrative and financial reports**
Experience of developing M&E systems to track progress of
implementation and monitor and evaluate the appropriateness, efficiency,
effectiveness, and impact of programme interventions in a food security
Experience in overseeing approaches to beneficiary management and
communication that enhance accountability to beneficiaries
Experience of managing and coaching teams in multi-faceted projects,
BRC Job Description – Sahel Regional FSL Delegate
technical skills
including recruiting, mentoring, coaching, training and building the
capacity of national and local staff and volunteers**
Representation and negotiation experience with government, UN and
non-government agencies/representatives**
Prior professional experience/knowledge in the Sahel and/or West and
Central Africa**
Previous overseas experience with the Red Cross Red Crescent,
including with National Societies/previous experience working with
national organisations and counterparts**
Working with institutional and high-profile donors**
Fluent in both English and French with other languages (Arabic) an asset
Strong analytical skills in food security assessments and project design
using HEA/HES/Livelihoods approach, and participatory methodologies**
Knowledge of relevant tools and/or conceptual frameworks and current
good practice in food security and livelihoods support in emergency and
early recovery contexts, including the use of cash transfer
Good understanding of emergency and development issues and
associated good practice, including minimum standards for disaster
response (e.g. SPHERE, SEEP)
Demonstrated staff management and mentoring/capacity-building and
development skills**
Highly flexible and able to innovate when required, problem-solve, and
take the initiative**
Proven project management skills, with a particular focus on
coordination, organisation and planning**
Self-supporting in computers and with relevant IT programmes
(Windows; MS Office including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint; etc.)**
Ability to work in a cross-cultural and cross-functional environment,
including networking and building professional relationships as
Excellent team-working skills**
Strong interpersonal and communication skills, and good understanding
of the global organisation**
Excellent skills in diplomacy, negotiation and advocacy**
Able to work to tight deadlines, handle multiple tasks, and prioritise
Able to prepare and support high quality reporting, including for
information updates, press briefings, plans of action, operations updates,
emergency appeals and strategic plans**
High motivation for self-improvement, and ability to deliver in a
challenging environment**
Valid international driving license for light vehicles and trucks**
Demonstrable security awareness and understanding; able to work safely
in a potentially hazardous emergency context**
Fluency/professional level in both French and English
Working in Partnership**
Embracing and leading constructive change**
Communicating and influencing**
Personal impact and self-management**
Problem solving**
BRC Job Description – Sahel Regional FSL Delegate
Leading and engaging**
Developing yourself and others**
Cultural awareness and sensitivity**
> Able to travel regularly and operate in a physically demanding working
> Willingness to work out of office hours when necessary**
> Willing to work in situations of political insecurity**
**Minimum short-listing criteria.
BRC Job Description – Sahel Regional FSL Delegate