Rocket City Math League
Junior Division
Inter-School Test
Answers must be written inside the corresponding box on the answer sheet. All answers must be written in exact, reduced,
simplified, and rationalized form. No calculators, books, or other aides may be used.
1. Space Monkey Badoo was eating walnuts during his space exploration. Due to zero gravity, for every 2
walnuts he ate, one flew away without him noticing. If a total of 28 walnuts flew away, how many walnuts
did he eat?
(1 point)
2. Find the slope of the following line:
(Assume all increments are one unit)
(1 punt
)(1 point)
3. Evaluate the following expression: (2  3  4)  (8  4  2) .
(1 point)
4.If A = 1, B = 2, C = 3,…etc., what is the smallest number divisible by G, M, and Z?
(1 point)
5. Martha was doing a very difficult math problem but got distracted by Spacetube videos. She accidentally
squared the correct answer, then subtracted 1, and finally added 15. The resulting answer of 39 was incorrect.
What was the absolute value of the correct answer?
(1 point)
6. The amount of time it takes planet Earth to make one rotation is 24 hours. The amount of time it takes for
planet Earth to make one revolution around the sun is 8760 hours. How many rotations will planet Earth make
if it revolves around the sun 3.5 times?
(2 points)
7. Larry’s current age is equivalent to the number of prime numbers between 1 and 100. He planted a magic
tree 2 feet tall on his fourth birthday that grows at a rate of z feet per year. How many feet tall is Larry’s tree
now if z is the smallest of three consecutive odd integers whose sum is equals 147?
(2 points)
8. Poliglots are $1.64 each and Jubalons are $1.37 each at the Zorion Market. If Kailet buys 2 Poliglots and 4
Jubilons and gives the cashier $9, then how many distinct ways can the cashier give Kailet her change using
quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies?
(2 points)
9. A right triangle inscribed in a circle has legs of length of x and y.
If x = (41  39 ) and y = the smallest positive integer which is
neither a square number nor a prime number, then what
is the area of the circle? (If a right triangle is inscribed in a circle, then the
hypotenuse of the triangle is a diameter of the circle.)
(2 points)
10. A meteor is plummeting towards Earth along the course described by y = 5x+2. A projectile is fired to
intercept the meteor along the course described by y = 2x+8. At what point (x,y) will the projectile collide
with the meteor?
(3 points)
11. How many distinct ways can 6 identical chocolate candies be divided between 4 children?
(3 points)
12. If Endeavor’s age is 3 of Atlantis’s age and in 4 years Endeavor will be 4 of Atlantis’s current age, how
old is Atlantis currently?
(3 points)
13. If 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 9 + 11 +…+ 99 = x, then solve for x.
(4 points)
14. A new zoo featuring out of-this-world creatures has opened up. If a family visits each of the 11 exhibits
exactly once, let p be the probability that they randomly visit all 11 exhibits in alphabetical order if each
exhibit begins with a different letter of the alphabet(ex. Aardvark, Baboon, Chimpanzee, etc.). If p is written
as a reduced fraction m/n where m and n are positive integers, find m+n.
(4 points)
15. Given that ABDE is a square, BC = 6 units, GH is a
perpendicular bisector of FC , AF = EF, and  FCB is a right
angle, what is the volume of the resulting solid if square ABDE
is rotated all the way around AD ?
(5 points)
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