Stud Service Contract

This is to certify that the stud dog:_______________________________________
was bred to the female dog:____________________________________________
on the following dates:________________________________________________
and is due to whelp near the dates of:____________________________________.
The stud fee for this mating is $______________.
[ ] The female owner has paid a stud fee.
[ ] The Stud dog owner will get Pick of the litter when female dog whelps. Puppy
will not be chosen until puppies are at least 4 weeks old.
The following items are needed at the time of stud service.
a. Photocopies of Registration and Pedigree if puppies will be registered
b. Current Negative Brucellosis Test (within 10 days of mating)
c. Current Vaccination and Worming Record
Owner of the female agrees to keep the female confined and inaccessible to all other male dogs from the start of
the female’s heat cycle until the female is fully out of heat.
Owner of the stud dog agrees to keep the female to be bred confined and inaccessible to all other male dogs until
the female has been bred and returned to her owner.
Reasonable care will be given to the female dog while in my possession; however, any veterinary fees incurred
during this time are the responsibility of the female’s owner. The female dog will be brought to my veterinarian,
Dr. Coreil, if an emergency should arise and vet care is needed.
If for some reason, the female dog shall have only one puppy and pick of the litter was the agreement.
[ ] The female dog owner can pay the stud fee that was agreed on and listed in #1 under terms and condition
of service, and keep the puppy.
[ ] The female dog owner will surrender the puppy and get a future breeding to the same stud dog on the
female’s next heat cycle.
All fees are payment for the stud service only and are not to be a guarantee of puppies.
a. The female owner must get vet verification not more than 55 days after the date of last mating if the
female is not pregnant and send me a signed copy by her veterinarian.
b. If the female fails to whelp at least one living puppy at birth, the owner of the female must notify me not
more than 65 days after the date of last mating.
c. There shall be no refund in whole or part, but a return stud service to the same stud at the same female’s
next heat cycle.
d. If the stud dog is not available, an agreed alternate will be chosen.
If the female fails to whelp or give birth to one living puppy as a result of this second mating, then this agreement
shall be terminated and the stud dog owner shall have no further obligations.
We have read and fully understand the conditions of this contract. All fees are non-refundable. By signing this stud service
contract, we agree to all term and conditions of service and acknowledge having received a copy of this contract.
Signature of Female Owner
Signature of Stud Owner
Female Owner’s Name
Stud Owner’s Phone Number
Female Owner’s Address
Female Owner’s Phone Number
Date Litter Application Signed____________
# of Males________ # of Females________