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Shakespearean Grammar Practice – DUE Monday March 31st
Part One: Syllables Practice
1. You can determine the number of syllables in a word by identifying the number of… (select one)
a. times you can clap when saying a word
b. vowel sounds you hear when you say a word
c. letters in a word
d. vowels in the word when it is written
2. For each word in the chart below, use a vertical line to divide it into syllables. If the word has
only one syllable, you will not draw any lines. Examples: e x a m p l e ; S h a k e s p e a r e
tra g ed y
dat e
Monda y
scre e ch e d
3. Now, look back at the chart above where you’ve divided words into syllables. Identify which
syllables will be stressed, and mark those with the accent mark. Identify which syllables will be
unstressed, and mark those with an unstressed mark. Remember, one-syllable words will not have a
stress mark.
one syllable, so no stress
u u
Examples: e x a m p l e ; S h a k e s p e a r e ; s c h o o l ; W e d n e s d a y ; o r e o
Part Two: Unraveling Grammar
The following sentences have had their structure mixed up in order to follow a rhythmic pattern.
Under each sentence, rewrite the sentence in “normal” modern grammar.
Example: What light through yonder window breaks?
Rewritten: What light breaks through yonder window?
4. Who these donuts did to their teacher bring?
5. Drive fast and reckless in Florida did Justin Bieber.
6. Filled with papers crumpled and torn is my backpack.
7. Confused unnecessarily many are when Shakespeare they must read.
Part Three: Translating English to English
The following sentences use contractions, truncations, altered endings and medieval pronouns.
Rewrite each into “normal” modern language. In some cases, the grammar is also switched up.
Example: Bringst thou your fav’rite teacher cookies?
Rewritten: Did you bring cookies for your favorite teacher?
8. Thou shalt ne’er neglect to turn thy homework in.
9. Hearest thy parents that thou hast lost thy iPhone?
10. To thee thy classmates mustn’t give their cold; request their sneezes be cover’d.
Part Four: Is it Iambic Pentameter?
For each sentence, determine if it does in fact follow the pattern of Iambic Pentameter. Write “YES”
or “NO” in the blank before each sentence.
11. In Camas many people play guitar.
12. The movie theater lights dimmed for the show.
13. Neighborhoods with dogs are much more fun.
14. Video games are often a time waste.
15. My brother’s Legos fill a hundred drawers.
Extra Credit: Write your own original sentence in Iambic Pentameter. Divide it into syllables and
mark the stressed/unstressed syllables to prove it follows the form.