Matt Bryant Evidence Submitted

The following are some of the latest peer reviewed papers and reports by academics and
research institutions around the world looking into fracking. Found at the PSE (Physicians,
Scientists, Engineers website) All links to research can be
accessed without subscription and links work as of the date of this submission 31st October
“Volatile organic compound emissions from the oil and natural gas industry in the Uintah
Basin, Utah: oil and gas well pad emissions compared to ambient air composition”
“Noble gases identify the mechanisms of fugitive gas contamination in drinking-water wells
overlying the Marcellus and Barnett Shales”
“The Environmental Costs and Benefits of Fracking”
Assessment and risk analysis of casing and cement impairment in oil and gas wells in
Pennsylvania, 2000–2012 - 75,505 wells
“A new look at methane and non-methane hydrocarbon emissions from oil and natural gas
operations in the Colorado Denver-Julesburg Basin”
“Toward a better understanding and quantification of methane emissions from shale gas
“Oil and gas wells and their integrity: Implications for shale and unconventional resource
“The Health Implications of Fracking”
“Estrogen and Androgen Receptor Activities of Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals and
Surface and Ground Water in a Drilling-Dense Region”
“Anthropogenic emissions of methane in the United States”
“The implications of unconventional drilling for natural gas: a global public health concern”