6th Grade Classroom Music

6th Grade Classroom Music
Course Syllabus
Mr. Andrew G. Snyder, Instructor
Overview: The curriculum in 6th Grade General Music is centered around the Elements, or
“building blocks” of music. By learning about and understanding these elements, the students
will be better able to relate music to their everyday lives. Students will learn how to recognize
and manipulate the elements into their own compositions that express their own personalities, fit
into a harmonic structure, and follow guidelines that will require them to use skills developed in
other subject areas. They will also perform their own works either by singing, playing the
keyboards, the percussion, or guitar.
 All students are REQUIRED to keep a notebook or a folder. They must bring their
notebooks and a writing utensil to class every day.
 KORG keyboard / piano lab. Approximately 50% of our class will take place in the
keyboard lab. This is provided.
 KORG keyboard manuals. Students are expected to search, read, and comprehend the
manual in order to operate the keyboards. This is provided.
Assessment: All students have abilities in music. Students are graded objectively on items such
as note reading, rhythm counting, and writing music that fits specific guidelines. All projects will
have a rubric included and updated grades will be kept on the school’s online grading program.
Students will also be graded in the keyboard lab on their abilities to perform music that we have
been studying. The selections that are performed in class have been chosen so that even students
with no piano background can be successful. Students will lose points if they repeatedly show up
without their notebook or pencil.
Lesson Content: Much of the content in music class will be placed online so that students have
access to background material and help files at home. Students may choose to access these files
from home, giving them more time to work on projects and to ask for help on projects during
class. The online content can be located at www.snydergeneralmusic.wikispaces.com
Login Info:
Username_____________________________ (first initial, last name, followed by LD)
Password _____________________________
Accessing the online content from home is NOT a requirement, but it allows more motivated /
advanced students to work ahead so that their time in the computer lab can be maximized. The
online content also allows students who are struggling to review ideas or concepts that were
covered in class from home. Parents are welcome to log in using student logins.
If there are any questions regarding the course content, grading policies, or this course
syllabus, please contact Mr. Snyder via email at asnyder@ldsd.org .