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Review (The Matrix)
CastNeo- Keanu Reeves
Morpheus- Laurence Fishburne
Trinity-Carrie-Anne Moss
Agent Smith- Hugo Weaving
In a digital World.
Thomas Anderson lived in a world where he thought was real until strange things
start to happen. Morpheus thinks he is the chosen one. It’s all up to Thomas (Neo) to
save both the real world and the digital world.
This movie is very different when it comes to picturing the real world. The way the
Wachowski Brothers picture the world in the future sounds realistic. How they put
their vision into the pictures is amazing. I love the way the made the visual effects
and how effective it is.
When Neo wakes up in the pod, the suspense you feel in that particular scene is the
thrilling but pleasurable. The scene you see in The Matrix is dark and gothic and that
is what makes it interesting to watch.
For the Sci-Fi Thriller fans out there I truly recommend this.
5 stars.
Director- The Wachowski Brothers
Distribution- Roadshow