Infrared Spectroscopy

Jesse Diehl
IR Portfolio
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Vendors That Supply:
Thermo Scientific
ABB Analytical
Agilent Technologies
Buck Scientific
PAIR Technologies
BUCHI Corporation
Axiom Analytical.
Journals That Use This Instrument:
Zhiwen Chen, Zheng Jiao, Dengyu Pan, Zhen Li, Minghong Wu, Chan-Hung Shek, C. M. Lawrence
Wu, and Joseph K. L. Lai. Recent Advances in Manganese Oxide Nanocrystals: Fabrication,
Characterization, and Microstructure. Chem. Rev., Article ASAP Publication Date (Web): March
30, 2012
o Use of nanocrystals in nanotechnology.
Qing Shao, Sachin Goyal, Laura Finzi, David Dunlap. Physiological Levels of Salt and Polyamines
Favor Writhe and Limit Twist in DNA. Macromolecules, Article ASAP Publication Date (Web):
March 30, 2012
o Denaturing of DNA that are probable causes of cancer.
Yoshihisa Nagasaki, Toshiaki Yoshihara, Yukihiro Ozaki. Polarized Infrared Spectroscopic Study
on Hindered Rotation around the Molecular Axis in the Smectic-C* Phase of a Ferroelectric
Liquid Crystal with a Naphthalene Ring. Application of Two-Dimensional Correlation
Spectroscopy to Polarization Angle-Dependent Spectral Variations. J. Phys. Chem. B, 2000, 104
(13), pp 2846–2852 Publication Date (Web): March 7, 2000
o Study of Ferroelectric Liquid crystals and their possible mechanism.
Common Uses for Analysis:
Identification of compounds based on functional group structures.
Detection of sample purity.