The man in overalls travels out to the field
Finds a hole
With tenderness places it in
The ground closes around
Thought about every now and again
Unseen at first
Out of the shell
As it absorbs water
Takes root
Painstakingly shifting through the dirt
The stem grows strong
To appear from the ground
Reaching for the sun
Knows is there
But hasn't seen
Higher and higher climb
The seed money
Begins to grow
Matthew 25:14-30
ABC Defeat
Begins in the mind
Consequences insignificant
Dwelling on it
Everyone is doing it
Fulfilling appearance
Gradual change
Harmless it seems
Inch closer
Just this once
Keeping on
Lookout for yourself
Missing out
No one will know
Proceeds from the mouth
Question what He really said
Refuse to change
Self is most important
The distance traveled
Unashamed actions
Vows broken
Wisdom gone
X marks the spot
You see the opportunity
Stole the words
But not the word
Lost the tracts
But not the way
The sword was taken
But not the blade
The words of truth removed
But not the truth
The planner snatched
But not the plan
The words of life pinched
But not the life
The bread grabbed one day
But not the Bread of life
The water of life lifted
But not the fountain
His word will not return void.
Down He came
Up I go
For my disobedience
He became low
The Prince trades
With the Pauper places
The quite different
Personalities and faces
For I was angry
Yet upon me found
Stumbling in darkness
Circling round and round
Opened my eyes
With the truth of love
Patiently continuing
The flying of a dove
Without Him
Coming down
I would continue on
On a path bound
Shuffling over
Standing by waiting
Intrigued once noticed
Cheap Ornate
Offered for a price
Seems reasonable
Bargain the low price
Agreeing the exchange
Only later
The trinket discovered
The gold plated
Fool's gold
The eternal swapped
For the temporal
Does the bouncing ball mean more
Than the one twirling in space?
Is the tube more important
Than the one saving lives?
Does the textbook have priority
Over the one with the words of life?
Is counting sheep more valuable
Than seeking to follow the Shepherd?
Does earning the next pay raise rate higher
Over the one who rose and conquered death?
Is experiencing a "love story" lovelier
Over the Unconditional Lover?
T Horn
Piercing cries
The notes pour forth
The only way
To sing the song
At a high level
To be heard
Attention grabber
Darkness fades into light
Pure and distinct
The metal sounds silent
As the flower stands up
Out of the earth
It is finished-Love's Symphony
Matthew 6:26
Wafting on a current
Higher and hither
Further and farther
Difficult to ignore
For it grows worse than before
Required to keep clean and new
Grows tiresome to you?
Worth taking the time
To prevent the grime?
Does the meat
Take a backseat?
Sitting in a room
Dusty with gloom?
The state of the bread
With you unfed
Will be your state
Till consistently eating from the plate
Ephesians 5:1-2
You heard the metal
Hit the metal
Ringing in your ears
Searing through your flesh
You heard the soldiers
Draw back
Snapping it with fury
Slicing through your body
You heard the heart
Beating a drum
Pumping the blood
Thumping through your head
You heard the screams
Pitch shrilly
Hissing the hate
Spewing in your eyes
You heard the anguish
Voice sighing
Alone dying
Out crying
Not about the strokes
Left by a pen
Nor creating a smile
On a child's face
Isn't about the fingers
Moving to the right beat
Forget the rolling of the tongue
Creating the necessary sounds
Nope to the capacity of the mind
Storing all the knowledge
Doesn't relate to athletic
Agility and speed
Uses us best
Surprises most
Not through what we do
But what He does
Tried to show
No avail
Why only looking up wrecks
Your neck
The strain causes you to lie down
Must decide to scale
Arm over arm
Finding footholds takes hours
The muscles stretching power
Dirty and scratched become the hands
Zealous to continue
The adventure more thrilling
The limbs shake with every gain
Sooner the time for Him to reign
Be careful of looking below
For the evil one reminds of the ground
Playing the fall's dreadful sound
But with Jesus the victory--imagine!
Envelop yourself with His Word
Branch out from the shadows
Take in the spectacular view
Beaming only by the sun
Climb to discover His might
Can't when the ground's still in sight
Step up to a new height
See how your trust takes flight!
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