First Draft – pleasure

int – The pleasure of nearly death
man awakes in bed to the sound of an alarm, goes about his morning routine, makes tea and gets dressed gets on the train to
work, at work he sits at his desk staring at a computer, stands in front of a copying machine, clocks out at 6 gets on the train
home, puts his suit away neatly sits alone in a darkened room watching Saturday night T.V.
V/O – my name is Asher Prescott, Asher is suppose to mean happiness, ironic really, as I’m no where near that, i hate my life,
every dam day is the same, boring, inevitable, ceaseless, i sleep, i wash, i work, i shower, i sleep…..weekends the same minus
Asher hates his life, dull and monotonous all he wants is a spark in his lackluster existence.
int – First suicide attempt
this night is different as this is the night he has decided to take his own life,
V/O – end it…. disappear…. the voice repeats it over and over again, day in day out, I’ve thought it through and the voice….its
he grabs a rope from the cupboard, ties it to the roof and climbs up on top of the table
Asher breathes a sigh of relief.
and jumps he hangs there choking to death till he passes out, as he hangs there he enters a euphoric state of ‘Nearly death’ as
he reaches the end the rope snaps bringing him crashing quite literally back to earth, the pleasure of this nearly death as so
powerful all he wants is that pleasure again.
int – euphoric state 1 / awakening from it
White room, Asher stands in the centre with the rope around his neck,awakens looks around to see a beautiful girl dressed all
in white kisses him, and walks to leave the room beckoning him to follow her as he goes to follow her he hits the ground of his
apartment alive.
Day after attempt one
Montage the same as first one, lights brighter things less pedantic (e.g. doesn’t wash cutlery straight away) routine is less
V/O – Today was different, i wasn’t myself, i felt more….free, i wasn’t in that endless grey, i feel more alive, but why? surely
not….last night?
Second suicide attempt (more intense than before)
gets home from work and throws jacket down and frantically searches the apartment for another way to get the feeling back.
V/O – There must be another way to get that feeling back.
Spots pills in the cupboard, brief moment of realization Takes pills from the cupboard, ends up on his bed flat out slowly
dropping into death, show him dropping the pills, high angle shot of him on top of this bed.
Euphoric state 2 /awakening from it
awakes within a ball pit (symbolizing the pills)
girl smiles at Asher then walks past edge of the ball pit Asher tries to follow as he leaves the ball pit he hits the ground to
awaken in his apartment throwing up the pills he’s taken.
Morning after attempt 2
Same routine this time it’s completely erratic and careless, montage same but as stated erratic and careless (when being
shouted at by his boss hes dreaming of this girl)
Final suicide attempt
Asher gets home from work and throws his clothes onto the ground, and much more frantically than before notices the bath,
instantly turns on both taps and starts taking his clothes off.
cut to Asher then climbing into the bath
portrait shot of his face underwater
cut to Asher climbing out of a bath tub in the middle of a field, show girl standing in the long grass middle distance asher begins
to walk towards her but she walks away and leaves the field, Asher goes to follow till a pain hits him and he drops to his knees
the crippling pain.
V/O – i don’t want this to happen anymore, i don’t want this feeling, No!… this isn’t it!…STOP IT!! its not the same, somethings
different, Help!
Drops to the floor in the grass. camera pulls back from him within the field cuts to camera pulling away from the bath.
End credits.