Syllabus Marine - KS Blogs

Kamehameha Schools Maui High School
Hawaiian leaders prepared for college and a global society
Course title: Marine Biology
Credits: 1 / Block 1 & 4 B
Teacher’s name: Mr. Iwamura
Email address:
Phone number: 808-573-7051
Classroom: Kekaulike X-101
Office hours: To be announced
Prerequisites: Biology, Chemistry suggested
General course description and justification:
Using hands-on activities, group projects, laboratory experiments, field trips, and
classroom discussion, marine biology students will learn about the properties of a marine
environment as well as biodiversity, identification and anatomy of marine species.
Students will also obtain the skills and knowledge needed to maintain marine aquaria.
Student Learning Outcomes:
Students will understand the diversity of the world’s oceans, physical/chemical properties
of water, identification and biological classification of marine species, and conservation
efforts to preserve the marine environment.
Major texts, literature, or resources:
Marine Life and the Sea / Hawaiian Coral Reef Ecology
Course outline:
The Global Oceans
Living In Sea Water
Tides Waves Currents and Dispersal
Marine Organisms: Bacteria, Microbes, Invertebrates and Vertebrates
Human Impact On The Sea
Grading: Students will be assessed on the following criteria.
1. Quizzes
4. Homework
7. Attendance
2. Laboratory Experiments
5. In-class group work
8. Exams
3. Projects
6. Participation
Note: Final grades will be calculated by taking a simple percentage. Divide the number of
points earned by the total possible points.
2012-2013 Syllabus
Kamehameha Schools Maui High School
Hawaiian leaders prepared for college and a global society
Expected classroom behaviors:
1. Students will keep up with their reading assignments.
2. We will be performing several lab and outdoor activities during class time, so daily attendance
is necessary.
3. All assignments MUST be handed in on the due date at the beginning of class. Late
assignments will be accepted for half credit if turned in the following day. Otherwise, students
will not receive credit.
4. All students must come into class prepared mentally, dressed appropriately, and with all
needed materials.
5. Use of mobile phones is prohibited unless instructed otherwise. Check phones in at the door.
Use of phones during class time without permission will result in confiscation.
6. If a student is absent, the student is responsible for obtaining the missed work. I will not
track you down! He or she must meet with me on their return to discuss how they will catch up.
Other: My office hours will be announced to the class. Students are highly recommended to take
advantage of office hours regularly.
2012-2013 Syllabus