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Collection of electricals from your home

Question and Answers

How does the kerbside collection service work?

All householders in the project area will receive a leaflet one or two weeks before the collection is due to take place. The leaflet will have the date of your collection and your local council contact details. All household small and large electrical and electronic items can be reused/ recycled in the service. Residents will be asked to place small items in carrier bags before placing them out for collection. The items need to be placed out for 7am on the collection day. The collection point needs to be visible from the road and either at the boundary of your property closest to the highway or at a communal bin collection point.

I live in a flat can I still place electrical items out for collection?

Yes, providing your flats received a leaflet regarding the service. If you have communal bins and your property boundary is not close to the highway please place the items at your communal collection point. Please make sure they are clearly visible, not blocked by the bins and out by 7am on the collection day.

Who is the company undertaking the collection?

The company is Wiser Recycling, based in Hockwold.

Will the drivers carry identification?

Yes, they will carry this, and will show it when requested.

What happens to my items that I donate?

Items that can be used again are either tested and repaired by Wiser

Recycling or given to one of two local charities, Crack On and The

Benjamin Foundation. The proceeds from the sale of these items are used help homeless people and to support young people. Any electrical items which cannot be safely or economically used again will be broken down into its parts, and the materials recycled.

Are there any other benefits?

Yes, it diverts unwanted items from potentially ending up in landfill.

Will it cost me anything?

No, this is a free service to residents.

How is this project funded?

The project has been f unded by the UK’s Distributor Take Back Scheme; a scheme that retailers can join to improve the take back of old electrical









17 items for reuse and recycling in the UK. This allows them to meet their obligations under the UK WEEE Regulations.

Is all of Norfolk participating in this scheme?

No, this is a trial partnership project between Broadland District Council,

Breckland Council, South Norfolk Council, North Norfolk Council and Great

Yarmouth. The collections are not covering the whole partnership Council areas and kerbside collection will focus on areas not close to a household waste recycling centre.

Are all the participating towns and village being collected from at the same time?

No, the areas are being spilt into collection groups. On average one collection per week will take place in the partnership area over the next 15 months.

What items will be collected in the service?

All electrical and electronic items; if the item has a plug or uses batteries to run it can be placed out for collection. This includes all items from calculators to washing machines.

Will the data on my machines be erased?

No, if you have any data on your machine you are responsible for erasing this if you wish to before placing the items out for collection.

What items do you reuse?

Most items can potentially be reused; from a DVD player, to a TV or fridge.

The only items that will not be reused wherever possible are electric toothbrushes, electric blankets, personal hygiene appliances.

My items do not work; can I still place them out for collection?

Yes. If it does not work and it cannot be repaired through this project then the various materials will be separated and recycled.

Will you collect commercial/ business machinery?

No. We will only take household waste and householder type appliances.

Can I place other items out for collection?

No, if it is not electrical or electronic we are unable to reuse or recycle it in this project.

What about heavy items like cooker, refrigerators and washing machines, can I get help with these to move them?







Wiser cannot go into houses to help move items; if you do have trouble placing the item at the edge of your property closest to the highway boundary or at your communal bin collection point please call Wiser directly before the collection day on 0845 894 9979.

Wiser may then be able to make arrangements for the driver to collect a heavy item from the driveway or a similar outside collection point.

Why did my neighbour get a leaflet about the collection event, but I didn’t?

This is a trial scheme, and at present the trial is focusing on a limited number of properties. If you did not receive a leaflet please contact your local council first to see if your property is in the trial area.

Do I need to place items in carrier bags?

We advise residents to place smaller items in carrier bags. This will assist the drivers to see the items that have been placed out and will help to protect items from the weather, increasing their chances of being reused.

What if it rains?

If small items can be left in carrier bags, that will help protect them. Larger items will get wet, but Wiser is experienced in this and finds it is unusual for the weather to be so bad items are ruined.

When should I place items out for collection?

We recommend placing them out as late as possible but before 7am on the day of collection. This will help to reduce to chance of items being taken by other parties.

My item was not out by 7am, will it still be collected?

It depends on the collection route. If your item was not collected by 17.00, you have missed the collection and Wiser will not be able to return.

However, you may take your items to one of Norfolk’s Household Waste

Recycling Centres. You can find details at www.norfolk.gov.uk/recycling centres

If I miss the collection because I put my electrical items out too late, can

Wiser return?

No, unfortunately not. Wiser is working to a tight timescale so will be unable to return. Wiser will also being travelling large distances for some of the collections and it will not be economical for them to return for a couple of items. However, y ou may take your items to one of Norfolk’s

Household Waste Recycling Centres. You can find details at www.norfolk.gov.uk/recyclingcentres







If I miss this event, will there be others?

As this is a trial, it depends on the success, but it is hoped that they will continue. However, it could be several months or even a year before we are able to call again to your parish. If we visit again, it will be communicated in good time.

What happens if I leave items out and Wiser fails to turn up?

In the first instance call your Local Council to check times and if Wiser are still collecting.

Broadland District Council 01603 430534

Breckland 01362 656878

South Norfolk 01508 533830

North Norfolk 01263 516195

Great Yarmouth 01493 846478

I received a leaflet through my door but my items have not been collected on the specified day.

The drivers start collections at 7am, which is the time all electrical / electronic items need to be placed out at the collection point for. Providing your items were not hidden, for example behind a bush, bin or car and it was visible from the roadside, it should have been collected. Unfortunately due to this distance that Wiser have to travel they will not be able to return for any items that were not collected.

What happens if the items get stolen?

It is unlikely this will happen, however we recommend not putting out the items too far in advance of the 7am start time of the collect, this gives less time for any third parties to take items. If you do witness items being taken by people who are not Wiser staff, please report this to the police on 101 as a theft in progress and supply the vehicle registration number.

How else can I recycle electrical items in Norfolk?

Norfolk Recycling Centres accept electrical waste for recycling all year round. Locations and opening times can be found at www.norfolk.gov.uk/recyclingcentes. Many electrical retailers also offer a take back scheme when you purchase a new item.

What happens to the items once they have been collected?

Items that are suitable for reuse are tested and repaired by Wiser or Crack

On. These items are then sold through charity shops. Those items that are not suitable for reuse are stripped down into their component materials for recycling.