ICA Ethics and Integrity Award

ICA Ethics and Integrity Award
This award recognizes an ICA staff member who as the courage to uphold their personal and
professional integrity on the job regardless of risk in order to bring positive change to ICA and to create
an environment where when faced with an ethical dilemma, individuals are encouraged to choose the
harder right, over the easier wrong action.
Award Criteria:
Adherence to moral and ethical principles and the Penn State values of Community, Discovery,
Excellence, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility.
Soundness of moral character
Integrity above that which is normally expected of an ICA staff member
Any full time employee (staff exempt, staff non-exempt, tech service and fixed term I) wage payroll
employee of Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics (including affiliates from the Morgan Center, Athletics
Development, and Sports Medicine).
Candidates for this award must have completed a minimum of one year of service to the department.
Past recipients of the award are eligible for nomination after 5 years.
Selection Process
The Team ICA committee in conjunction with the Athletics Ethics and Integrity officer will review the
nominees and will vote on the winner.
Deadline for Nomination:
April 17th, 2015