Marketing Yourself at Career Events

…make the most of great networking opportunities!
Career Events are opportunities to meet, mingle and ask questions of employers, organizations,
graduate schools and internship programs.
Attending an employment fair is a great way to get exposure and develop your network of career
contacts. It is also an opportunity to find out valuable information about various industries,
corporations, and different job positions.
Representatives participate in employment fairs to meet and recruit students. They often will
provide general information about career options, as well as specific information about current
openings within their company.
getting feedback on your résumé
gathering information
listening for job leads
practicing the art of selfpromoting
 making connections, networking
 collecting business cards
 Research the companies and organizations attending the
 Dress appropriately! Dress as you would for a
professional job interview.
 Observe how other students and employers interact.
Watch for tips.
 Be respectful of the representative's time.
 Be confident, not aggressive.
Ask questions
 Career opportunities
 Job qualifications
 Industry trends
 Company information
 Hiring practices and the application process
Enjoy the Event!
Steps to Prepare
1. Do some research - Find out which companies or organizations are attending the event.
Check out the list on the Career Centre’s website -- Events and Fairs page.
Take a few minutes to check out company and/or school web sites.
 Who are you most interested in talking to?
 What do you want to know about them and their industry?
 Who haven't you heard of before?
 Does their work interest you?
 Do they offer training and professional development opportunities?
Even employers who offer work that doesn't fit into your career goals are good to talk to. They
can give you feedback on your résumé, as well as the chance to practice networking - the most
critical job search skill in the new economy.
2. Polish your résumé and cover letter - Take the time to update your résumé before the event. It
will be a vital tool in your networking strategy. If there are companies you plan to approach,
prepare a specific cover letter with them in mind.
3. Prepare an introductory statement - Your introduction may include:
 your name
 what you do - your major, most impressive skills and accomplishments
 what you want to do in the future - the type of position and career path you wish to follow
 your knowledge of the company
 questions about the company and how your qualifications match their needs
 Practice saying it out loud until it flows easily and confidently.
4. Be organized! - Bring plenty of copies of your résumé and a folder or portfolio to hold all your
materials. Have a pen/pencil and paper available to take notes. Make a plan for the event.
5. Approach company representatives - Don't sit back and wait to be approached! Introduce
yourself. Shake hands and make good eye contact. If you are unsure how your education fits
with the employer's specific needs, ask open-ended questions such as “What qualities are you
looking for in employees?” or “Do you offer internships or training?”
6. Collect business cards and make notes on the back to remind you of your conversation. Use
this to jog your memory when writing a follow-up or thank you email to the employers that interest
7. Follow up! Send a thank-you email to the representatives you wish to remain in contact with.
This will set the stage for future correspondence.