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February 14, 2014
Weekly Updates:
Notes from Nancy: Feb. 14
Great Libguide Finds 13-14
last update: 11/15/13
Nancy Kieraldo, Teacher Leader LMS
OverDrive: Update
All librarians will be trained on the OverDrive ordering procedures within next
two weeks; Feb. 17 required Third-Monday elementary; Feb. 20 HS Dept
Chair Meeting required; Feb. 24 MS PCT required. See details in the calendar
area in Notes from Nancy. For more details, see the information linked in the
LLT Update: Feb. 6, 2014 in the yellow box below.
“Personal Connections”
last update: 12/6/13
Librarian eGuide Portal :
last update: 12/11/13
MMSD Inst Tech Resources
Summer Learning Academy: Librarians needed
2014 summer positions are now available for librarians to apply on the staff
internal postings portal. See Notes from Nancy for the listing of the sites. Two
things you should know: 1) Base pay is $486 per week ($561 for service over
8 years) 2) Librarians can job share. This means that librarians are allowed
splitting the 6 week session per site OR that the combined elementary
positions can be split for 10 hours per site each week. (Olson/Shorewood;
Kennedy/Glendale; Sandburg/Lapham). Call or email Nancy if you have questions.
MMSD Tech Blog
School Library Grants
Common School Fund Estimate for 2013-14
Just wanted you to know that the estimate from the state to the district for
Common School Fund came in recently and is quite a bit lower than 5 years
ago. CSF is based on the city-wide census of all children ages 4-20. In the
last 5 years, our Madison census has gone down over 3,000 children.
Library Leadership Team (LLT) 2013MMSD’s estimate this year is almost $77,000 less than just two years ago.
Although it won’t affect our spending this year, it may impact our overall
Minutes: Sept. 12
spending next school year. My advice to you now is to spend every dollar that
Minutes: Oct. 8
you have for this school it well and do it soon. Please do not wait
LLT Update: Jan. 9 2014
LLT Update: Feb. 6, 2014
until the end of March to finish spending. We want to make sure that all of you
get the library materials to your building ASAP.
last update: 11/7/13
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