A. Population


1.4.10 - 12 Relationships & Population Dynamics FMQuiz Homework Solution

Q. Comment on the relative sizes of an individual producer and an individual primary consumer in a pyramid of numbers.

A. Producer larger or consumer smaller

Q. What is a predator?

A. An animal which kills and eats another animal for food

Q. What does an ecologist mean by competition?

A. When two or more organisms fight for a resource that is in short supply

Q. What term is used to describe an animal that is killed and eaten?

A. Prey

Q. True or False. Competition is generally more intense between members of the same species than between members of different species.

A. True

Q. Suggest possible effects of the disappearance of a plant species on the populations of other plants and animals in the ecosystem.

A. Consumers of this plant may decrease; numbers of other plant species may increase; new species may appear to fill the niche.

Q. What is contest competition?

A. One organism loses the resource

Q. What term do ecologists use to describe an animal which kills and eats other animals?

A. Predator

Q. If the population of prey declines suggest two possible consequences for the predators.

A. Starvation or death; Migration; Decline in population;

Change food source

Q. What is scramble competition?

A. Each organism gets some of resource

Q. Apart from competition, state another factor that limits population growth.

A. Disease or Parasitism or Food availability or Pollution

Q. Give an example of predation by naming a predator and its prey.

A. e.g. Fox, Chicken, Hawk, Rabbit, etc.

Q. Where one organism lives in or on a second species, feeding on it and causing it harm is called …

A. Parasitism

Q. Name a factor, other than competition, that controls wild populations.

A. Disease or Parasitism or Predation or Hunting

Q. Mortality levels resulting from infection by a particular virus tend to decline over the years. Why?

A. Host immunity develops or natural selection or vaccination

Q. Marking an animal might endanger it. Why?

A. More conspicuous to predators or Social outcast or

Toxic marker

Q. Suggest a role for parasites in the overall scheme of nature.

A. Population control

Q. Name a predator and give one adaptive technique.

A. Fox, Speed and sharp canine teeth

Q. Suggest an effect on human population of an increased availability of contraception.

A. Decrease (no increase) in population; Improved social conditions; Reduced STIs

Q. All the members of a species living in an area is referred to as …

A. Population

Q. Give four factors that influence the size of the human population.

A. Famine; Birth control; War; Disease; Birth rate; Death rate or longevity; Degree of medical care

Q. Mortality levels tend to be higher in the migratory animal species. Why?

A. Hazards encountered on migration

Q. The population of a predator did not decline following a big reduction in the population of its main prey. Why?

A. Different prey

Q. A relationship between two organisms in which both benefit is called …

A. Mutualism or Symbiosis

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