Leasburg Dam State Park – Internship

State of New Mexico
Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department
Susana Martinez
David Martin
Cabinet Secretary
Tommy Mutz, Division Director
State Parks Division
Brett F. Woods, Ph.D.
Deputy Cabinet Secretary
Leasburg Dam State Park
WHAT: Three (3) summer Internships at Leasburg Dam State Park for 20-25
hours per week (unpaid/hours as assigned).
Be sure to ask your advisor if this internship qualifies for credit in your
WHEN: Starts May 22, 2014 through August 1, 2014 (for 10 weeks).
QUALIFICATIONS: Leasburg Dam State Park is offering three unique
internships for those students seeking experience in management of natural
resources with government agencies like Leasburg Dam State Park. These
opportunities might be particularly suitable for majors in Criminal Justice; Fish,
Wildlife, Conservation Ecology; Plant & Environmental Sciences, Sociology,
Anthropology, HRTM, Management, Environmental Management, and other
related majors.
We are looking for students who want to gain experience in day-to-day
management of multi-use State Parks and willing to learn the uniqueness of the
natural setting to convey a sense of respect for this place when communicating
with the public.
 Must enjoy working outdoors
 Must be detail oriented and able to communicate respectfully the rules of the
park to park visitors
 Able to keep daily logs as directed
 Must be able to help Rangers and personnel in their duties on the river and in
the camping areas as required
Successful volunteers will train with Leasburg Dam personnel to understand
various aspects of managing state parks.
E. GIRON, State Park Manager & Ranger: 4-6 hour training.
ALEX MARES, State Park Ranger: 4-6 hour training.
ART BENAVIDEZ, Technical Maintenance: 4-6 hour training.
Students will gain understanding of management of natural resources and the
history of Leasburg Dam. Students will also gain understanding in law
enforcement and safety issues that may occur at the park in their role as NON1220 South St. Francis Drive ▪ Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
Phone (505) 476-3355 ▪ Fax (505) 476-3361 ▪ www.nmparks.com
February 8, 2016
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law enforcement. This includes an understanding of respectful communication
with park visitors, understanding of park rules and the rationale behind resource
management practices that allow for multi-use.
 Students will gain understanding of some of the environmental commitments
that underscore practices and rules at this unique site, including the park’s
natural resources, flora, fauna, geothermal springs, indigenous plants,
eradication of invasive species, etc.
 Students will learn about some of the indigenous people’s practices through the
millennia, as well as some of the colonization processes that have influenced the
 Students will learn more about the day-to-day practices for maintenance of the
park and the rationale behind trail maintenance, water conservation,
maintenance of recreational areas, etc.
 Students will be trained in park opening and closing procedures, gates, and gated
 Students will be instructed in safe practices for garbage or refuse containment or
 Students are encouraged to work independently on tasks, but will be directly
supervised by Leasburg Dam personnel.
CONTACT: E. Giron, Alex Mares, or Art Benavidez at:
575-524- 4068 for appointment
Please email memo of interest & resume to:
E. Giron
[email protected]
NOTE: This internship may constitute credit in your department, but it is up to the
student to verify this.
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