Supplementary Information 2 (docx 70K)

Supp file 1:
The identity and abundance of KO terms enriched in isolate genomes that represent
genera identified as being discriminatory of a given age class (organized by sheet).
The log(10) LDA score for a KO term's abundance in discriminatory isolate genomes
as compared to non-discriminatory isolate genomes is also given.
Supp Table 1:
Sample metadata for 16S rRNA gene sequencing samples and associated
environmental measurements where applicable.
Supp table 2:
Primers used in this study.
Supp Table 3:
Identity and taxonomic placement of 26 zebrafish isolated strains used in this study.
Supp Table 4:
LDA scores of all taxonomic groups identified as discriminatory of zebrafish age classes.
Supplementary Dataset 1:
Abundance of OTUs and relative abundances of all taxonomic groups in fish and
environmental samples summarized at all taxonomic levels from individual OTUs to
phyla. A file for fish samples and a file for environmental samples is provided.
Supplementary Information:
Extended materials & methods and PICRUSt predicted metagenome results.