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M-Care Optima celebrated five years in Bloemfontein in February 2015.
FIVE years after the opening of the M-Care Optima Hospital in Hospitaalpark, Bloemfontein in
February 2010, Optima is one of the first full-fledged hospitals in Bloemfontein which is owned
entirely by doctors.
The hospital is the realization of a dream of many years nurtured by psychiatrists from
"The hospital and the therapeutic environment within the hospital are the “theater'' in which
psychiatrists “operate”. It is therefore essential that everyone in the hospital work together as a
team to provide as good and comfortable a space to function in as possible. "
An integrated multi-professional team, including occupational therapist, works together with clinical
psychologists and psychiatrists to provide the best possible treatment for our patients.
Since all hospitals are businesses and big businesses are profit driven, the doctors do not always
have a say on how their patients should be supported.
According to Dr. Fanie Meyer, one of the founders of the hospital, Optima is unique because doctors
at Optima are not dependent on income generated by the hospital, but rather by their practices.
"The approach is therefore less profit-driven and more patient-driven," Meyer said.
The “Red House” across the street, where Dr. Christa Weyers's practice as well as that of
occupational therapists are located, is an exciting addition to Optima Hospital. Since opening a new
teen section, a section for the treatment of younger children as well as a therapy room for sensory
integration opened in the "Red House".
We also acquired the "Lapa House" next door where child therapy is applied. Children and parents
are sometimes admitted together to facilitate family therapy.
Meyer said the goal of the hospital is to create an atmosphere in which everyone can work
comfortably to ensure the effective treatment of patients rather than just focus on balancing the
Patients have access to an internet station where they have access to various websites with relevant
information about their various diagnoses.
A comfortable new lounge where patients can wait for appointments with psychiatrists, was also
Meyer said the hospital creates an environment where people are healed and their lives changed.
Here the emphasis is on health rather than illness.
The diet followed in Optima, is a low-GI diet for improved health.
The early days
In April 2009, the doctors applied for a license from the health department, who kindly granted a
provisional license on May 8, 2009.
The Bloemfontein Inn guest house was acquired and renovations could begin on 2 September 2009.
By January 2010, the large structural changes were completed and the detailed interior design could
be added.
The first patients were admitted on 5 February 2010. The hospital functioned at full capacity after
two weeks.
Therapy Program
Our unique approach and thoughtful, integrated group program mark Optima as one of the best
therapeutic units in the country, and patients are referred here from across the country.
The response of the majority of patients is: "I wish I came here 5 years ago."
Optima’s extensive expertise especially in the field of treatment resistant depression, pioneering
work is done here and major plans to expand are in the pipeline.
A new hospital is planned where the holistic treatment of chronic pain, diabetes, obesity, and HIV in
specialized programs through a multi-disciplinary team will result in positive outcomes.
Construction will begin once the application for rezoning is completed.
"We are extremely excited about the way forward with a holistic treatment model that is rarely seen
in mainstream medicine" said Meyer.
Dr. Meyer said: "More support and better outcomes at lower rates. This is what we want to offer. "