Hazardous and Solid Waste Brochure

Task 2: Hazardous and Solid Waste Brochure
Remember the SWAG bag inventory that you did? Remember how much trash that you
created, and how much trash our whole school will create? Also, you did a landfill lab and
learned that landfills are pretty stinky. There are some strong gases that are coming out of
the landfill and into the air. These gases pollute the air. There is also the possibility that
people throw away Hazardous Chemicals. These can form leachate and leak out of the
landfill. In addition to reducing, reusing and recycling, people should be aware that the
garbage they throw out could leak into their water or air, so they should stop and think
about what they are throwing out and properly dispose of it.
Brochure: You will create a 1 page brochure and justification of why people should
think about what they do with their trash. Use your data from the SWAG bag audit, your
landfill lab and your notes to educate people on where their trash goes, and what
materials might be hazardous to the environment.
Make sure you take into consideration the ecological, economic, and societal
implications of your choices. You will need to include discussion of the impacts of
disposing of your trash via the landfill, incineration, hazardous waste disposal. Then
propose why they should try recycling and composting instead.
Use language and explanations that will help them understand this information.
The brochure should fold into 3 parts, on an 8 x 11 ½ inch paper. It should be
well organized, neat, creative and must include at least one graph or chart that
explains your topic or project. The brochure should be double sided, with all the
panels covered with information about landfills, incineration, hazardous waste.
Leave one of the 6 sections for the recycling and composting information.
Please list your sources of information on the back panel.