TO THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF THE “TIME” Dear editor, I have a

Dear editor,
I have a bitter obligation to inform “TIME” officially that in the article ”” by the
novelist Leo Grossman published on the 21st of February 2011 the edition deliberately
or incidentally, however seriously misinformed Public and has my legal rights breached.
The possibility of the human personality transfer to cybernetic device expressed in the
article as “…fasten it to immortal robot…” on the pg.48 and “scan our consciousnesses
into computers and enter a virtual existence or swap our bodies for immortal robots…”
on the pg.49 was not invented by Mr. Raymond Kurzweil who has been wrongly titled by
“TIME” as an author at least of this technical idea of the strategically importance.
Literally the same words had been mentioned in my interview to national TV in the
winter of 2009 and at my international press conference on the 28 th of October 2009
and in numerous articles, TV and radio reports about my invention all over the Europe
at least a year before Mr. Kurzweil had started to exploit my idea without mentioning a
link to a real author. The lie actually hides from Public and Government more serious
things. It was not simply an idea from the start, however a technology first patented in
the year 2008 to develop biocybernetic weapon system codenamed “GORGONA”
Spring 2009 I proposed cooperation to the U.S. defense attaché office and visited the
U.S. Embassy in Kiev, they took photocopies of my patent and technical documents. At
the site rasinfmpable on YouTube you can see the Ukrainian national “N”-TV report
“Receipt For Immortality” had been broadcasted by the program “InfoShock” two years
ago (winter 2009) in Europe. It is in Russian and Ukrainian languages. On the site this
TV report is called “Cybernetic Personality. Immortality?” So, a lot of well documented
evidences exist that Mr. Kurzweil could not be proclaimed a “Founding Father” as
“TIME” called him on the pg.49 and such a way seriously insulted my international
priority and the authority for the technical idea and the technology mentioned. I have
letters already e-mailed to Mr. Leo Grossman and Mr. Ray Kurzweil however no
response. It worthy to state that my technology and even the logic of the idea of the
possibility to transfer human’s personality into robot had not came from nothing instead
were rooting from my new “The Quantum Theory of Atomic Nucleus” (QTAN). It is
QTAN’s math which enables me to develop the idea itself and patent this strategic
technology a two years before “TOYOTA”’s “Brain Science Institute” started to
demonstrate the devices able to obey 95% of mentally (by thoughts) given commands.
I have no intention to discuss the source of Mr. Kurzweil’s revelations; however I know,
not just suppose or think so, why even sophisticated Japanese labs have only the most
of the top of the iceberg reached. New model of atom and my QTAN enable to
understand not only the atomic structure however that one of electromagnetic waves
and thus to physically or virtually recreate and read its remnants (traces) on the
surfaces of physical objects including human body. These are issues of subquantum
physics and mathematics of inexact numbers I am developing step by step. Brain never
stores information in quanta, so it is not coded in exact numbers. So my QTAN is
namely where new bionics of the brain is coming from. That’s why the Japanese are still
unable to assemble my technology even with all their equipment and personal. The
technology opens a possibility to differentiate and tightly decipher the integral
electromagnetic picture of the brain with the level of quantum precision impossible for
modern computers and nanotechnologies mentioned by Mr. Leo Grossman. The
possibility to make a clear zoom from that “salad of signals” has been called modern
EEG is hided inside the QTAN. My conclusion that brain’s signals creating the EEG
comprise the direct electromagnetic reflection of human thoughts which are the
composing material of personality, had been made at Spring 2008, now it is well
recognized and it is not a hypothesis, as Mr. Kurzweil means, but the reality has been
practically proved. Ask Mr. Kurzweil and Mr. Grossman to explain the quantum
mechanics of it for sure. We published the results in the year 2008 and even reported it
to officials and experts at the Department of Defense of Ukraine. The technology I am
talking about is potentially so diversifiable that it currently may be in use by Russians in
the project codenamed “Ferz”, to operate from a far by nuclear missiles possible to set
under the depth of the Ocean independently of submarines, because now it will be
possible to transfer clear radio signal in, for example, the short wave diapason from the
surface to any sea level. It was possible before only in VLFW. While I had supposed to
cooperate with Russia I personally reported such a possibility to the vice – speaker of
Russian Parliament Vladimir Zhirinovsky and have a letter from the Russian profiled
Parliament committee, now the technology is under the research in the RAS. Do you
know about the first in the World photo of atom had recently been made in KIPT
(Kharkov Institute for Physics and Technology) Ukraine, 2009? I have to recall that
Ukraine still has its unique school of theoretical physics established by Leo Landau
which is worthy not to underestimate; their photo is related. It shows the atomic reality in
contradiction with current theory of Rutherford – Bohr. The atom on photo appears a
singular entity. There are no electrons inside electron clouds and this means the same
about protons and neutrons inside atomic nuclei. Now we have strong evidence that
during 100 years Physics mistakenly interpret intranuclear vortices of the intranuclear
singular material entity as separate particles with its own centers of gravity. Now I am in
America to implement my technology. I am already in contact with federal agents. It is
my pleasure to express the respect to your edition as a confidence that “TIME” will
contact me soon to obtain authorized and documented information to inform Public
The author of QTAN
The owner of the patent
E-mail: [email protected]
My current address:
10501 Saltana Way
Rancho Cordova, CA, 95670
My friend’s ph. 1-916-716-3543