Cultural Diversity Course Proposal * Lower Columbia College

Diversity Course Proposal – Lower Columbia College
Complete this form to propose a permanent or intermittent Diversity course. Attach it to the Course Plan.
Obtain approvals from your department chair and dean.
Submit completed materials to the Office of Instruction.
Course Number
Course Title
Proposed as:
Permanent Diversity
Intermittent Diversity
College Policy: All degree-seeking students must meet the College’s diversity requirement by successfully completing a five-credit course from the approved list of
diversity classes. The Curriculum Committee will approve courses for inclusion on the Diversity Course List. To be considered for inclusion, the following two criteria*
must be met:
Criteria for Approval
1. The subject matter of a diversity course will be one or more of the following:
A. Multicultural experience in the United States
B. Sex and gender in society
C. History, culture, or religion of non-European civilizations such as Asia, Africa, or Latin America
The course outcomes will reflect one or more of the goals of the Diversity Requirement.
Goals of Lower Columbia College’s Diversity Requirement
A. Examine the causes of difference, power, and discrimination to critically evaluate and assess one’s own attitudes.
B. Comprehend the cause and effect of injustice and discrimination based on gender, race, class, economic status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age,
physical ability, or cultural and religious backgrounds.
C. Comprehend the role that historical, cultural, or geographic diversity plays in the complexity of society.
D. Develop intercultural communication skills to communicate more effectively across the lines of cultural differences.
Which of the above criteria from number 1 will be met in the course you are proposing? Check one or more boxes:
Explain how the content of the course meets the criteria in 1A, 1B, and/or 1C.
Discuss how the course outcomes reflect the goals of the Diversity Requirement. Include specific details that verify the goals
of the Diversity Requirement.
List specific course outcomes related to diversity outcomes.
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Revised April 2010