KS 5 Courses 2014-2015
Name of Course: Law A Level
QAN Code: 500/2330/5
Examining Body: AQA
Course Duration: 2 Years
Students will gain knowledge and understanding of the legal system [e.g. the jury system] and an ability to evaluate
its operation and performance. The specification includes application of criminal and civil law [negligence].
The second year of the course further develops knowledge of the legal system and of contract law. Evaluation of the
concepts of law is also developed e.g. the conflict between morality and law.
What will I be learning?
(Units to be studied)
Unit 1: How do judges interpret and apply the law in court - Does a lower court have to follow the decision of a
higher court? How does the jury system work and is it effective?
Unit 2: General criminal law of non-fatal offences e.g. grievous bodily harm, Sentencing, Liability in negligence and
the award of compensation, How criminal and civil courts work.
Unit 3: Contract elements of an enforceable contract, Contract terms e.g. consumer rights under Sale of Goods Act
1979, Breach of contract and the award of compensation
Unit 4: Tort, Negligence, Liability of occupiers of property and of employers for their employees, liability for the
escape of a dangerous item from land, the award of compensation by the court.
How will I learn/ be assessed?
Units 1 and 2: two exams at the end of the first year.
Units 3 and 4: two exams at the end of the second year.
Entry Requirements:
5 GCSES at grade A*- C
Minimum of grade B in GCSE English Language.
What can I do afterwards?
It is a qualification that will assist a student with career opportunities varying from the Police, Social work or Health
& Safety to the Environmental Health Department of a local council, Teaching or Management.
What else might I need to
Law is a rare A Level option at KS5 in England and Wales.
A successful pass on a CV would stand out and show the student had acquired good memory, analytical and
application skills.
Further information is available from Mr Smith.